How To Save Time At Home & Spend More Time As A Family

A couple of months back I quit my job at Sainsbury’s to work full time from home. It was scary as hell. Working from home means putting in a lot of hours and burning the candle at both ends some days. This doesn’t leave a lot of time for cooking and cleaning and I don’t want to spend precious time that could be spent with my family doing these things instead. I recently went on a mission to figure out how to save time at home and spend more time as a family! I have found some fantastic products to help and I want to share them with you:

Cut Down On Food Preparation

Recently we have learned just how important it is to have meals together as a family. However, with John not getting home from work most days until at least 5:30 it means me having to have dinner ready for when he gets home. If it isn’t ready, Erin ends up eating super late or she has to eat early meaning me and John eating after she goes to bed. I HATE spending ages in the kitchen preparing dinner when I could be spending quality time with Erin instead.

This Vonshef Food Processor is amazing and has saved me so much time and it makes life so much easier! The food processor purees, chops, blends, mixes, shreds and even makes dough! We’ll have a full review of this coming soon!

Keep The Floors Sparkling

We have wooden floors in our dining room and Lino in our kitchen and bathroom. Mopping them is one of this jobs that I just hate doing. Our mop never seems clean, no matter what I do to it. I guess it seems like I’m cleaning our floors with dirt! Luckily, Spontex have a fantastic Full Action System Mop and Bucket and it is AMAZING! The mop head is made from microfibre so it gets into and reaches more places than a conventional mop.

The bucket and mop have a really different way of working, with a unique 360 degree spin system which ensures the mop head is as clean as possible when you’re using it, and also dry when you need it to be. Watch the video below, you’ll be amazed! This mop has really changed how I see cleaning our floors now. This might not be your bargain £5 mop but my god it works so much better!


Tackling The Laundry

We always have mountains of laundry to do, no matter how much I seem to have the washing machine going. One of the worst things is using a laundry detergent that doesn’t actually clean clothes properly. So many times I have tried new brands only to be disappointed. Surcare have a fantastic range though, including laundry powder, tablets and fabric conditioner. They are all suitable for sensitive skin like Erin’s and the products clean really well!

Make The Tough Jobs A Breeze

One of my most hated jobs is cleaning the oven. It always takes such a long time, no matter how often you seem to do it. Oven Pride deep cleaner is fantastic though. You can clean inside the oven, and the racks, with easy and no scrubbing! Oven Pride has a unique bag system which is perfect for stuck on food and grime on the oven racks, even BBQ racks, and it makes cleaning a breeze!

These products have really helped me to save time at home and spend more time with John and Erin when we are all together. I actually don’t hate the idea of cleaning any more and I really look forward to using our food processor! 

Disclaimer: We received items for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own.

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