Construction fun with Geomag glitter sets

Construction fun with Geomag glitter sets (with giveaway)

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Construction toys are always a great way to keep children busy, but where adults can get involved too. Geomag’s glitter sets are bound to be hugely popular and would make fantastic presents. We’ll take a look at the 60-piece set in this post.

Discover Geomag’s glitter sets

The super-stylish Glitter line dedicated to fans of sparkly colours is now in 100% recycled plastic. Keep the beautiful glitter storage box on you, it will be the envy of all your friends.

Geomag World

Geomag’s core range now has multiple options when it comes to colour and style. If you’re looking for something a bit different from block colours, then look at the glitter range, coming in various-sized sets (20, 35 and 60 pieces).

Keeping it all tidy

Geomag’s newer sets now come with great storage boxes for the rods and magnetic balls, and a zip lock style bag for the larger items. I really love that storage has been thought about, and with the 60-piece set you get 3 boxes for storage. This means you can split the set-up into smaller sections and take it out somewhere with you. The boxes in this set are glittery so you can easily figure out which set they belong to.

What’s in the box?

With the 60-piece set, you get many pieces to get you started. It is a good-sized set for someone who maybe already knows how to use Geomag and knows that they like it. The smaller 35-piece set might be better for someone discovering Geomag for the first time.

Geomag glitter 60 piece set contents

In the 60-piece set you’ll find:

  • 28 spheres
  • 28 magnetic rods
  • 4 bases
  • Instruction leaflet

Creating a masterpiece

The instruction manual is filled with great ideas of things to build with the Geomag set. However, Erin has been using Geomag sets for years, she sometimes wants to ignore this completely and make her own thing. This is the beauty of Geomag sets; children can really be as creative as they like.

Erin concentrating building with the Geomag glitter set

Erin had been playing with one of the e-motion sets recently and decided to put what she’d learned into practice with this set. Although she didn’t follow any instructions, Erin was able to make a spinner of her own design. She was really pleased that she’d been able to do this on her own.

Erin making a spinner

Although Erin did go somewhat off plan with this set, she did also try to copy pictures from the box and make things with her own ideas. Erin loves to get us involved when she’s playing with Geomag sets too and with this one, there are plenty of pieces to share around. The larger sets are great for things like having building challenges between family members.

Erin following a picture on the box

I also have to mention how cool the colours are for this particular set. Erin absolutely loved that it was all so glittery and bright. The colour and design of this set is really different from the others we have already.

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