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Now, more than ever, do I need to manage my time well. On a normal week before lock down happened I would usually work while Erin was at nursery and then maybe a couple of hours on the evening and weekends. Now though, I am lucky if I get a couple of hours in each day and that means that I need to be a lot more careful when it comes to managing my time.

As a full time blogger there are lots of things that I usually need to do on a daily basis; writing posts, replying to emails and being present on social media, just to name a few. Sometimes, some tasks don’t really have any short cuts that you can take to make things easier but there is one thing that I can do to help and that’s to make use of some social media marketing tools.

Having to be online there and then to post social media updates can be a real pain. As a busy parent with a 4 year old at home every day at the minute, this just isn’t practical for me. I need something planned for at least a few days ahead, and something where I can schedule my content in advance, like a social media calendar.

This is where ContentCal comes in. The thing is, it’s not just bloggers that are in need of social media scheduling but a lot of businesses use this too. The people behind ContentCal have been social media managers themselves, therefore knowing what people actually need and how it should work. The platform was designed with business in mind, with features that actually work.


ContentCal makes planning your business’ social media a breeze with the various features on offer. Social media managers can set draft posts to be sent for approval, to minimise effort for their client but to also give them full approval over what will be published to their accounts. We all know typos and mistakes can happen but Grammerly can help to make sure posts and clear and mistake-free, making posts look professional and well-planned. Of course, these aren’t the only features that will make life easier.

ContentCal categories

Posts can be separated into various categories, which is super helpful if you like different kinds of content to go out at different times. For example, no one wants to see Christmas posts in the middle of summer but you can easily set your posts up with category tags so that you can clearly see what’s what and when it should be posted.

ContentCal posts

There are plenty of options when scheduling posts such as adding the content categories, setting a time and choosing from a preset time if needed, adding the post to multiple social media platforms and making sure the post looks right before scheduling it. I like to set up posts at least a week in advance, usually more but I also like to be able to see what I have scheduled and to move it around easily if I need to and this can be easily done on the calendar.

If this sounds like something that would benefit you, or your business then you can sign up for a free trial (without inputting any payment details)! Find out more here.


ContentCal For Social Media Management

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