Countries to explore different cultures for children

Countries to visit to explore different cultures with children

Family holidays abroad are the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with one another. It’s a chance for us parents to unwind from our work commitments. It’s a chance for our children to have a change of scenery. But, in fact, holidays abroad can be educational for our kids as well. What we don’t realise, is when we jump on a plane and enter a new country, we are opening up our child’s mind to new possibilities. This is their chance to experience different foods, a new climate, and a whole new culture. Family holidays can be amazing. So with that in mind, I thought I would share with you four destinations that will allow your children to experience new and exciting cultures.

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The lovely sunny climate of Mexico can be a perfect choice for a family getaway. Especially considering the destination of Cancun. Cancun holidays can fill your two-week break with excitement, the sun, laughter, and a whole lot of Mexican food. I’m sure your children will love the different ranges of cuisines available. From making their own fajitas to eating tasty burritos. Of course, amongst other things. Mexico has a complex history, which could make some excellent day trips. The language spoken is mostly Spanish. Opening up your children’s ears to one of the popular languages in the world.


Whether you witness one of the wonders of the world in the Great Wall Of China. Or just go to experience life and Chinese food, China can be an amazing choice. It’s a little more away from a normal holiday destination; I give you that. But the experience could be phenomenal. With so much to see and do from the little-known countryside to the bustling cities. With so many recent films and series being released that are based in China, your kids will love the thought of experiencing it for themselves.


India is a complex country with a rich history. Some of the sight-seeing opportunities in this country by far outweigh anywhere else. The culture is fascinating and it would be difficult for the imaginations of both children and adults alike not to be lost in the wonder. You could experience the fast-paced city of Delhi or explore further afield. Not only that but there is also a completely different way of life to experience, the food, as well as the general family lifestyle and get-togethers. It will be surely a holiday to remember.


Finally, if you can afford the plane fare, and are happy to be in the air for nearly 24 hours then consider visiting Australia. The culture is so close to our’s but yet so different in many ways. You could enjoy the cosmopolitan cities or relax on the beaches. The many cities will leave you open to a different culture and the “outdoor lifestyle” will certainly feel different from our own. You could even explore the outback or snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef. It will offer a holiday to remember.

I hope this inspires you to think of your next holiday destination.


Countries to visit to explore different cultures with children

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