Cycling Paddington Review

Cycling Paddington Review & Giveaway

Growing up I was surrounded by Paddington Bear, thanks to my Nanna so it’s something I’ve always remembered. I honestly never thought that it would still be as popular as it is today and that there would be such amazing toys being made now. The second Paddington movie will be released on 10th November so what better way to celebrate that than to talk about one of the fantastic toys in the range, the Cycling Paddington… and to give you all the chance to win one for yourselves!

With Christmas coming up very quickly, so many people are on the look out for something different and fun, especially for children. If I had seen this on the shelf in a shop, it most definitely would have caught my eye. The yellow packaging really compliments Paddington’s blue coat, red hat and red and yellow bicycle. Cycling Paddington retails for £29.99 and is suitable for children aged 3+ due to some small parts. However, Erin is nearly 2 and can play with this just fine under careful supervision.

Paddington comes ready to use as the 2 AA batteries needed are already included; all you need to do is detach him from his box.

Cycling Paddington Review

On the back of Paddington’s bicycle there is a red box and this is where the on/ off switch is and also where the batteries are kept. There isn’t anything more to working the Cycling Paddington so it’s really easy for little ones to use themselves.

Without even being turned on, the Cycling Paddington is really cute and looks amazing! The quality is fantastic and Paddington and his bicycle are really well made.

Cycling Paddington Review

So now for the fun bit. Reviewing a musical, moving item would not be done well without showing you what this toy can do. This is the first ever video I’ve used in a review so please, just pretend it’s amazing!

Paddington plays some really fun music and it’s so joyful and happy to listen to. Paddington then cycles around the room while the music plays. As you can see from the video, Paddington really liked my sofa on this occasion. Even when he got a bit stuck, he managed to back himself up and get going again. His movement is random and he does go in all directions. If you have a big area of floor space, you will have loads of room to watch him go!

Cycling Paddington is so much fun and a fantastic companion to the new film!

Want to win one for yourselves? Enter below!

(Ends 17/11 – Please read the T&Cs)

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Disclaimer: We were sent this item for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own. 

Cycling Paddington Review

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  1. Wow this is cool, my kids would absolutely love this so thank you for the chance to win and your video is amazing! You did good x

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