Discover The Beatles With Beat Bugs on Netflix

When it comes to watching television, Erin tends to only watch a couple of shows as she’s super picky and she likes what she likes. When I attended Blog On in September I was blown away by the range of Beat Bugs toys that were on show. Before this, I didn’t know what Beat Bugs even was. If you don’t know either, Beat Bugs is a Netflix original and ‘features five charming and funny child-like bugs who adventure together in an overgrown backyard. Each episode centers around a song made famous by The Beatles.’ There

Cycling Paddington Review & Giveaway

Growing up I was surrounded by Paddington Bear, thanks to my Nanna so it’s something I’ve always remembered. I honestly never thought that it would still be as popular as it is today and that there would be such amazing toys being made now. The second Paddington movie will be released on 10th November so what better way to celebrate that than to talk about one of the fantastic toys in the range, the Cycling Paddington… and to give you all the chance to win one for yourselves! With Christmas coming up very quickly, so