Staying safe as a new driver with a GPS tracker

AD | Collaborative post This year we had a huge change as a family and we bought our first car. John has been having lessons for around a year and is ready to take his test now. As a family with a young child, I want to make sure we are as safe as possible not only while on the road but making sure we know where the car is at all times.

New Driver? 5 Ways to Save Money at the Dealership

AD | Collaborative post Now that you’ve passed the test, the open road is ahead of you. The only snag is that you need to find the perfect set of wheels for the occasion that won’t break the bank.  Along with high insurance premiums and mounting pressure to go green, simply popping down to your local dealership and bagging a bargain isn’t as simple as Hollywood would have you believe. But, it is possible.  Money might be tight, but there are plenty of ways for your to save yourself some cash at the dealership. Read

The Beginning Of A New Adventure: Learning To Drive

It has only been the past couple of years that I’ve really noticed how stuck we are living in the middle of nowhere. Although we live somewhere that does have okay bus routes and trains, it’s not enough and it doesn’t get us everywhere we need to be. Now that Erin is 5 she knows about certain places for days out, she has ideas of where she might want to go but she also knows that we can’t get to all of these places because we don’t drive. I hate not being able to go

Desperate To Learn To Drive

Way back when I was 17 I was so excited to learn to drive. I got my provisional licence as soon as I could and was counting down the days until my first driving lesson. Those first few lessons were amazing. I couldn’t quite believe I was driving a car on actual roads. Neither of my parents can drive and at the time, my older sister hadn’t taken a lesson either. I wanted to be the first one of us to be able to drive. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for my excitement to dwindle.

Summer Family Adventures in the UK

AD | This is a collaborative post written by Gina Kay Daniel Spring has come along so fast this year! It’s amazing to see all of the spring flowers starting to pop up everywhere, and with Easter Sunday fast approaching, trying to plan anything with the family can be an uphill struggle. With summer just around the corner, it might be time to start planning your 2018 summer family getaways while you can… The sun can be evasive at the best of times here in the UK, but when the sun does come out to play,

Road Trip Car Safety: Know Before You Go

Summer may be nearly over but there is plenty of time left this year to fit in a road trip, whether it be long or short. Living in the UK, we have so many beautiful and fun places to discover and it would be a shame to not make the most of what is right on our doorstep. If you’re taking a road trip though, it’s really important that you make sure your car is as safe as possible before you go anywhere. Kwik Fit have a really important campaign at the moment called Know

My Biggest Regret

When I was 17 I was so excited because I could learn to drive. Neither my Mum or Dad can drive so I was determined to be the one who could. I got my provisional license as soon as I was able to and started lessons. I couldn’t wait to have my own car and to have all of this independence to go wherever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Unfortunately, it didn’t really work out that way. My driving instructor turned out to be quite horrible and we didn’t get on very well. He shouted