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Erin And The Deathly Hallows

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Avada Kedavra…

No, I’m not teaching Erin the killing curse but we have been spending some time learning more about the Dark Arts! Don’t tell anyone but we have the Deathly Hallows at our house and Erin’s been figuring out what she can do with them. The Deathly Hallows, just in case you are not familiar, are made up of the Elder Wand, Cloak of Invisibility and the Resurrection Stone.

Harry Potter notebook and Elder Wand
Notebook and Elder Wand

We were sent a pretty magical (couldn’t help myself) box of Harry Potter merchandise, all of which is related to the Dark Arts. Erin was very quick to dig into the box to see what she could find and wonder came across her face every time she picked up something new. It didn’t take Erin long to fish out the Deathly Hallows t-shirt and ask to put it on.

Harry Potter Deathly Hallows light
Deathly Hallows light

Erin has been asking for a night light in her bedroom for some time now and the Deathly Hallows light is such a fun choice. It’s small enough that it can fit in a lot of places and the light isn’t so bright that it would keep children awake. Of course, it also looks great on a shelf even when the light isn’t turned on.

Harry Potter Elder Wand and Resurrection Stone
Elder Wand and Resurrection Stone

Erin has been practicing her spells for quite some time now and was definitely impressed with the Elder Wand. It’s such good quality and a fair bit heavier than some of others we have had in the past. The detail is fantastic and the added light on the tip is really something special. Erin likes to use it to see the symbol on the Resurrection Stone.

Harry Potter robe and wands
Harry Potter robe and wands

What child doesn’t like dressing up? Adding a Harry Potter robe to the mix is a great way to help children extend their play and to role play. The minute Erin put on her robe she got into character, even adding the glasses and an extra wand to make her extra powerful. I knew there was a hint of darkness in there somewhere!

<a href=
Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak, Elder Wand and Resurrection Stone” width=”800″ height=”600″ /> Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak, Elder Wand and Resurrection Stone

The Junior Invisibility Cloak was by far the most exciting product in our box and I have to admit, I was really excited to see how it worked. In order for the cloak to work you first need to download an app and add the product code to activate it. This only takes a couple of minutes and then there is a short video to watch so that you’ll know what to do.

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak
Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

At nearly 5, Erin was a little bit too small for the cloak, which measures around 44inches in length and aimed at children age 6 plus. However, this didn’t stop Erin though and she couldn’t wait to see what the cloak could do. Before setting up the app, the cloak can be worn on the ‘normal’ side.

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak 1
Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

Once you have the app set up the cloak can then be swished around to the green side and this is when your child will become invisible… any part of them that’s covered in the cloak anyway. It took a little bit of practice for us to get this right as once you have activated the app, you have to keep the phone absolutely still.

Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak 2
Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak

We had a lot of fun getting to know how the cloak worked and Erin loved coming up with new ideas for photos. You can also take videos with the app as well which I think would be so much fun with older children, or adults if you have the cloak for grown ups.

You can find a whole range of amazing Harry Potter merchandise on Amazon, all of which would make fantastic gifts!


Erin And The Deathly Hallows

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