Harry Potter Magical Capsules Review

AD | Gifted item We have a few big Harry Potter fans in our house. John read the books when they first came out, my Mum has read the books more than once and Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was the first film I think I remember Erin being interested in. We have multiple sets of the books with various covers, we have the DVDs and we have Harry Potter Lego. Erin even has a Harry Potter costume. So, when we found out about Harry Potter Magical Capsules I couldn’t wait to see what they were all about. Discover the

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men

AD | Gifted items Sometimes I think men can be really difficult to buy gifts for, no matter what the occasion. With Valentine’s Day being so close to Christmas ideas may be few and far between so here’s a few to give you some inspiration! John has a massive sweet tooth and he gets so excited whenever we find a big sweet shop somewhere. As soon as I saw the Love Lolly May Sweet Hamper on Giftpup.com I knew he would love it. The hamper comes absolutely filled to the brim with retro and romantic sweets from Flumps to Love

Men’s Christmas Gift Guide 2017

AD | Gifted items Men can sometimes be an absolute pain to buy for. Sometimes it may be a case of someone not really liking anything that you can buy, having expensive taste or just not really wanting anything. I’m not one for just giving gifts like socks and aftershave, although there’s nothing wrong with that if you do, so I’ve come up with what I think is quite a well rounded Men’s Christmas Gift Guide for 2017! Dobell are a great website for menswear and earlier in the year John got a lovely shirt and tie from them to