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Father’s Day Shopping At intu Chapelfield

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When it comes to occasions like Christmas or birthdays shopping online might seem like the most convenient way to buy gifts. For me though, nothing beats heading into the city and browsing in real shops. Online shopping doesn’t have the same feeling or result as a lot of the time you only search for things you know you already want. intu Chapelfield armed me with a gift card and challenged me to do some shopping with them to find John some great gifts for Father’s Day!

intu Chapelfield gift card

I decided to have a really good look around intu Chapelfield before deciding to buy anything. My first stop was to Hotel Chocolat though as I know they always have a great selection for special occasions. The staff at Hotel Chocolat were especially helpful when I explained I wasn’t sure what I was looking for and they even let me have a little sample of the Billionaire’s Shortbread chocolate which was included in the Father’s Day boxes.

Hotel Chocolat at intu Chapelfield

There’s one shop I always love to go in no matter what I’m looking for at intu Chapelfield and that’s The Works. This is a shop that sells everything from books to toys to gifts and I love having a good look around. Immediately inside the door was a couple of Father’s Day stands with some great products to choose from. There was a nice mix of Father’s Day themed products such as mugs and books but Harry Potter and Game of Thrones merchandise as well.

The Works at intu Chapelfield

The Works at intu Chapelfield

John really loves Sports Direct and he’s got quite a lot of clothes from there in the past. I knew that I’d be able to find something perfect for John here. Something great about Sports Direct is that they always have lots of offers on and there is plenty to choose from in various prices. There was a lot of 2 for X amount type of offers on

Sports Direct at intu Chapelfield

John and I have a pretty big DVD collection but it’s been quite some time since we added anything new to it. I think the last film was The Greatest Showman. Buying a new DVD is a bit of a luxury for us now and it has been ages since I actually had a look around HMV. John has a bit of a list of films he’d like to see that are quite new so I was pleased to see offers not only on the newer released but also older titles as well.

HMV at intu Chapelfield

HMV at intu Chapelfield

After having a good look around I needed a bit of a lunch break. intu Chapelfield has a great food court with options like Pizza Hut, KFC and Ed’s Easy Diner. There are also restaurants outside the shopping centre such as Giraffe and Gourmet Burger Kitchen. I opted for something quick and easy at McDonald’s and honestly, I was just happy to get to each my lunch in peace without Erin stealing it! One of the really great things about shopping with an intu Chapelfield gift card is that it can also be used to purchase food.

McDonald's lunch at intu Chapelfield

So what did I end up choosing for John? Well, after looking in the shops I have already mentioned, as well as Holister, House of Fraser, Boots and H&M, just to name a few, this is what I got:

intu Chapelfield Father's Day shopping

Bohemian Rhapsody DVD – £12.99 HMV

Harry Potter jokes book – £3 The Works

Slazenger t-shirts – £8 Sports Direct

Father’s Day H Box – £12.95 Hotel Chocolat

Hotel Chocolat Father's Day H Box

Bohemian Rhapsody DVD

intu Chapelfield’s shops had plenty of options and there really was something for all tastes. I tried to get a range of items for John to cover various things I knew he would like. It would have been so easy to spend the whole gift card in Hotel Chocolat or Sports Direct though. What I enjoyed the most about my shopping challenge was trying to find gifts for different prices. Next year we want to get Erin started on picking gifts for people herself so it’s important that we’re able to find things with lower prices, as well as things that I can buy as well.

Harry Potter joke book

Sports Direct t-shirts

As you can see from the items I picked, they range from £3 to £12.99 and they are all quite different. intu Chapelfield so much choice all under one roof which makes shopping for Father’s Day an absolute breeze.


Father's Day Shopping At intu Chapelfield

10 thoughts on “Father’s Day Shopping At intu Chapelfield”

  1. What great gifts! I especially love the film choice. I might buy it for Father’s Day just so I can watch it again!

    You’re so right about shopping for gifts rather than heading to amazon etc. I love browsing and finding the perfect gift.

    The works is my go to for most things, such a bargain and their reward scheme is one of the best!

  2. It’s great to have so much choice in one place! We are going with a DVD this year. Incidentally the boys have chosen one they also want to see themselves – what a coincidence!

  3. those are great purchases and a gifts that any man would love , ps Bohemian Rhapsody is a very good movie too x kind regards Pati Robins

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