Forget Hygge: This Season it is All About Lagom!

Forget Hygge: This Season it is All About Lagom!

If you were anywhere on social media or online this time last year, then you will have heard the buzzword of ‘hygge’ being banded around. The Danish concept of hibernation and all things cosy, which is just perfect at this time of year. But it would appear that now, the Swede’s might know better, with their lifestyle concept of ‘lagom.’ Literally translating to ‘just right,’ it gives a nod to the fact that we want things just right in our lives and at home; not too much and not too little. In our homes, this concept can be adapted and bring a real sense of harmony and wellbeing into our homes. And to bring the style to life in your home, then it couldn’t be simpler. Read on for some tips and tricks for embracing lagom.


In the run-up to Christmas (yes, I said it), having a clear out can be a really good thing. Out with the old and in with the new. It makes space for new things, as well as lets us decide what we really need in our home and what we can do without. Having clutter-free spaces around the home is the perfect way to start introducing lagom at home, and get us in the minimalist Scandi mindset.

Keep Classic Room Layouts

In order to have a nice orderly home, then it is time to think about what you really use the room for. Does the room layout help that to be achieved? Does the current furniture meet the needs of the space? Take a bedroom, for example. Is it conducive to sleep and relaxation? The same for a living room; does it help you to rest, relax, and be comfortable? You could get new furniture to help the room layout be better. Take a selection of contemporary coffee tables, for example. They can help a living are be more fit for purpose, as they allow the room to be less cluttered, as well as create a cosy environment with space for coasters and mugs (as well as for feet up)!

Be Selective with Colour

If your home is a different colour in every room, then it can be time to make some changes. Edit the colour palette of your home to be more neutral, and you’ll be in a much more elegant looking home, that oozes sophistication compared to a brightly coloured home. Colours can date a home too, so stick with neutrals, and they’ll be timeless.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Adding greenery and plants inside the home is a great way to decorate, yet keep things simple; what lagom is all about. There is an element of sustainability when it comes to nature in the home, as well as health. They can help remove pollutants in the home and bring a certain energy with them.

So if you think it is about time your clear and declutter your home, then now is the time. Just be sure to keep the home looking light and bright, and then you’ll definitely be embracing the ‘just right’ philosophy.

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post. All opinions are our own. 

Forget Hygge: This Season it is All About Lagom!

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