Frozen Love Bijoux Review

Like a lot of other children her age, Erin is a huge fan of the Frozen films and now the merchandise too. Now that we’re in lock down again, it can be hard to keep Erin busy and entertained but with the help of the Frozen Love Bijoux set from Toys and Bears she’s had something fun to do.

Frozen Love Bijoux

The set comes with 2 sheets of stickers to decorate the pieces, a big bag of pink and blue beads, a length of string and various pieces of jewellery to decorate. Instructions are also included but they are quite basic and most things can be figured out without them. Erin pretty much got everything out of the book and then started getting on with it.

Frozen Love Bijoux 7

The Frozen Love Bijoux set comes with a large pink heart which can be used to store the beads. I really liked this as it meant that I didn’t have to find something myself and also, it kept everything tidy while Erin was playing and making her jewellery.

Frozen Love Bijoux stickers

The sheets of stickers are great and there are lots to choose from. You can use them on the rings, bracelets and the round tags that can be used on either bracelets or necklaces. There is also one large sticker to put on the love heart case. Erin had loads of fun deciding which sticker should go where.

Frozen Love Bijoux

Although there is a lot to do in this set, and you get so many beads, you only get a small amount of string. Erin was only able to make two bracelets and one necklace out of it so it would be nice if you got more of this. There are far too many beads considering how much string there is and you’ll never be able to use them all unless you buy more string yourself.

Frozen Love Bijoux

Both Erin and I really liked that there was more to the jewellery set than being able to make necklaces and bracelets with the beads. The other items, the rings and hard bracelets, added another element to the set.

Frozen Love Bijoux ring

There’s enough included in the set so that it doesn’t all have to be used in one, especially if you can find more string (or something similar) to continue using with the beads. We’ve already had loads of fun and I’m sure we’ll be playing with this again soon.

Frozen Love Bijoux Review

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