Fun things to do in San Francisco

Fun things to do in San Francisco

There are many fun things to do in San Francisco, with its wonderland of streets, cars and landmarks. Being in such a big city means the opportunity to explore and sightsee by means of walking, bicycling and riding street cars.

Much of what you can see and do in the big city can be done on a budget, sometimes even for free. In addition, the ability to stay active through your adventures while having access to fresh food markets makes San Francisco a perfect place for the health-conscious.

Enjoy the Parks in San Francisco

San Francisco is literally littered with parks, each with their own special personality and exciting feature. If you make your way to the corner of Douglass Street and Seward Street, you’ll find a park with hidden concrete slides that are a couple stories high. Cardboard is spread about, and it’s custom to just grab a piece and take an exhilarating ride which usually ends on your butt at the bottom.

Experience a San Francisco tour

There are a few exciting things to see in and around the city of San Francisco. Consider taking a tour to Alcatraz and then spending the afternoon at the Boardwalk at Fisherman’s Wharf, exploring the shops and attractions such as the haunted house. Tours to Muir Woods and Napa Valley also offer some once in a lifetime opportunities.

Don’t miss exploring a San Francisco museum

The shear size of some museums found in San Francisco make them worth visiting, and you don’t have to be an art lover in order to appreciate the works found inside. Get a nice walk in while exploring the California Academy of Sciences, which is the only museum in the World to feature an aquarium, a planetarium and a top of the line research center all in one museum. There is a lot of ground to cover, so wear comfortable shoes.

Go to a San Francisco show

Music venues and theaters can be found throughout the city all year long, and each one offers something unique. Consider seeing the symphony, ballet or a concert at the Civic centre. Or you can catch some feature-length improv shows at the Bayfront Theater which is located at the Fort Mason Center. An added benefit to the improv show is all the laughing you are bound to do, which will give you a great workout and help you clear your mind simultaneously.

Enjoy the nightlife in San Francisco

Work your dinner off with some dancing at one of the many exciting nightclubs found in San Francisco. There is no shortage of themes and venues you can find just about anytime of night, including award winning destinations such as Biscuits and Blues found on Mason Street, which was named USA’s Blues club of the year. You can also catch live music at clubs like El Rio on Mission Street, or Amnesia, on Valencia Street.

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