Functional storage solutions to help maximise your space

Functional storage solutions to help maximise your space

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Even if you’re already on the property ladder, it can be hard to difficult to make the move to a bigger house. With things like increase in mortgage payments, and the rising cost of every day life, a move just might not be possible. If this is the case, think about how you can maximise the space you already have with some functional storage solutions.

Make the most of high ceilings

People living in older houses tend to have quite high ceilings and this space can end up being wasted. Look into taller furniture where possible, such as wardrobes or chest of drawers. You can always stack drawers on top of each other, making sure they’re secured to each other and the wall safely.

Another option would be to add cupboards or shelves on the higher parts of the walls. These would be good storage ideas for things you might not need on a daily basis, or use every now and again.

Widescreen tv and sideboard in brown living room

Utilise the garage

Although obviously a great place to park your car safely, garages can be overlooked when it comes to using them for additional space. You might even have a garage but no car, giving you a whole extra room to play with.

The first thing to do is to think about what you could use that extra space for. Maybe you need an area to work out or do yoga. For this, you could invest in some garage flooring. Interlocking floor tiles are a great way to either cover the whole floor or just mark out a dedicated space. Tiles can be quite inexpensive, depending on how many you need and they’re really easy to install.

Buy a bed with storage

A lot of people forget that there can be so much space underneath a bed and this is such a waste if not used properly.

Sometimes with a bed, one issue can be how much space you have either side. If your room is quite narrow, beds with storage drawers might not work for you. However, beds with lift up storage are now really popular. You can fit loads inside and organise it however you like. Large packing cubes would be a good idea here to store things like shoes or seasonal clothes.

If buying a new bed isn’t possible, look into other storage solutions. With space spare underneath, plastic boxes or under bed storage bags are a great idea and usually budget friendly.

Bed with storage underneath

Home office storage

Covid meant that a lot of us started to work from home, and a lot of us have carried on doing so. I work from home on a daily basis and have my own office now. However, one thing that I struggle with is where to put everything so the room doesn’t look cluttered and messy.

We have quite high ceilings and it’s important to maximise the space you do have. Racking is an ideal storage solution for a home office because it comes in so many different shapes and sizes. Got an odd corner? A corner rack would be perfect. Got a long wall free? Mix and match and make something that suits you!

Once you have the racking in place, you can use all different kinds of storage such as box files, plastic boxes and crates to give everything it’s own place.

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