Getting Out In The Garden With Home Bargains

Getting Out In The Garden With Home Bargains

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Spring is finally here after what seems to be a very long wait. The weather is slowly getting warmer, the nights are getting lighter and that means I have been looking forward to getting out in the garden more. Our garden is actually really basic but I just don’t go out there during the winter. So, when the time comes there ends up being quite a bit I need to do to get the garden ready for summer. This year Home Bargains sent us a wonderful selection of their gardening products to help us out.

Home Bargains gardening gloves and fork

It’s pointless trying to make a start on tidying up the garden without some essential tools. We end up with a fair amount of weeds both in our back garden and front garden so a good pair of gloves is a must have. Not only do good gloves keep your hands safe but it stops your fingernails having mud underneath them or your hands being grass stained!

You also don’t always need a big selection of tools to tidy up your garden. A simply gardening fork can help you to get up any tricky weeds without destroying your lawn or flower beds.

Home Bargains potting kit

Depending on what you’re planning in your garden this year you might want to start thinking about planting seeds. Home Bargain’s potting set comes with a pair of gloves, mini trowel and rake, string, small pots and even a pencil and plant markers.

Home Bargains dwarf tulip planter and spray bottle

This year Erin is quite excited about flowers and it’s really the first year that she’s shown any interest in the garden and growing things. The dwarf tulip galvanised planter comes with everything you need in one pot and I think it’s something great for Erin to start with. I’m not great any growing anything by any means so this will be something we can do together when the time is right for planting.

Home Bargains seeds

If you are slightly more knowledgeable in the garden, have plenty of space for flowers or a vegetable patch then you might think about growing quite a range of things this year. Home Bargains has all different kinds of seeds and growing kits so you’re bound to find something you like. I love that, like the packets pictured above, there are ‘speedy seed’ options to make gardening that little bit easier.

Home Bargains bird feeder and ornament

Gardening doesn’t have to just be about planting and growing something new every year. You could have a wonderful garden with no plants (much like us) but want to help attract wildlife and feed some animals. Bird feeders and food are a great way to attract wild birds to the garden and you’ll see different kinds at different times of the year.

Home Bargains bird feeder

Something we have enjoyed a lot from holidays to places such as Center Parcs is feeding the birds. Erin loves to see birds coming in and out of the garden and loves to watch what they do. Adding a bird feeder filled with food to the end of our garden where it’s quiet and away from the house will hopefully attract some new friends to us!

Home Bargains ornament

This little guy now has a home just outside of Erin’s playhouse and looks after it when she’s not using it. I know that Erin would love the bird ornament as soon as she saw it. With it’s large pointy beak, colourful wings and wobbly body, this bird is bound to brighten up your garden and add some personality! I think we might need to get him some friends now!

Home Bargains mug and twine

Lastly, this metal mug and tin with twine are a lovely pair and with Father’s Day coming up they would make really great gift that is also really practical for any keen gardener. The handy hole in the top of the twine tin keeps it threaded and safe so you never lose the end and the tins will also last well even if they’re left in the shed!

Home Bargains have so many options to get you out in the garden this spring and they have something for every level of ability! Now all we need is for that horrible wind to go away and for the sun to come out. 


Getting Out In The Garden With Home Bargains

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  1. Lovely stuff. We don’t have a garden as we live in a flat. But, we have put a little window box up and we have bought some seeds to try and grow our own herbs.

  2. Looks like you have been busy. What a great selection. Looking forward to seeing your garden in the summer ?

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