Getting Out In The Garden With Home Bargains

AD | Gifted items Spring is finally here after what seems to be a very long wait. The weather is slowly getting warmer, the nights are getting lighter and that means I have been looking forward to getting out in the garden more. Our garden is actually really basic but I just don’t go out there during the winter. So, when the time comes there ends up being quite a bit I need to do to get the garden ready for summer. This year Home Bargains sent us a wonderful selection of their gardening products to

How To Get Children Interested In Gardening

It looks like spring is finally on its way and the bad weather is nearly behind us. Erin loves being outside and would probably spend most of her time outside if she could get away with it. Last month, before the snow came, I attempted to get some new grass seed down and Erin was so interested in what I was doing. This got me thinking about how to get children interested in gardening. I think it’s really important to let children explore and get dirty and this is something Erin is really good at.

Help Your Kids Embrace Their Green Thumbs!

Gardening can be one of the most relaxing, enjoyable, and therapeutic things you can do with your time, but trying to get it done when you also have little ones to worry about can be something of a challenge, putting it lightly! However, there’s one great way that you can make the gardening a little bit easier while keeping your kids occupied and entertained: get them involved! Not only does that allow you to keep a close eye on them while you’re taking care of the garden but you may well be able to awaken

Your Ultimate Guide To Indoor Gardening

Whether you don’t have a garden but want to enjoy the beauty of plants inside your home or whether you’re growing plants in a greenhouse or polytunnel such as those supplied by First Tunnels, you could probably benefit from some top tips about how best to garden indoors. According to The Telegraph, indoor gardening is on the rise as increasing numbers of people are living in smaller, rented accommodation without access to an outdoor space of their own. With 52% of householders also having houseplants in order to counter air pollution, it’s easy to see