Health And Safety Management Software for Business

Health And Safety Management Software For Business

Health and Safety management software is used by businesses to record and control a wide range of important regulatory data that relates to keeping their work environment safe for their employees. The data recorded includes risk assessments, accident and incident reports, corrective action taken – or to be taken, details of any hazardous chemicals or substances being handled or stored on the premises, environmental emissions, and information relating to safety certificates and inspections / renewals and service or maintenance schedules, amongst other things.

Businesses have a duty of care by law to meet and comply with current Health & Safety legislation, so having good quality management software in use that can coordinate information and collate useful data and safety trends can be an invaluable tool for a company Health & Safety officer, or OHS staff.

Why should businesses invest in H&S Management software?

For many years businesses up and down the land relied on a paper-based health and safety recording system. Quite often workplace accidents were recorded in an accident book, actions were then taken to reduce or eliminate the risks present to prevent the same accident from happening again. But in most cases, these reports and actions were written down, then locked away only to be forgotten over time, especially with companies that have a high turnover of staff.

Health and Safety legislation that has been brought in over the years has achieved a lot with regard to reducing the numbers of accidents in the workplace. But just as new legislation is brought in to keep up with the ever-changing face of the workplace, especially with the introduction of new technology, working practices, techniques, tools and machinery used, the method of reporting and using health and safety information needs to change too.

Capturing all of your necessary data to meet and comply with your regulatory requirements can be made a lot more quick, simple and efficient through the use of modern cloud-based Health & Safety Management software. Once you have a high-quality system in place to manage all of your health and safety data, it will be much easier for your company to remain compliant with all current H&S legislation.

Data collected can be analysed to produce useful reports that allow you to spot new hazards before they become an issue. Monitoring trends in data can show you areas in your workplace that may need looking at. It could be that some pieces of machinery are not ideally located and relocating them, or changing your workplace layout may resolve any potential risks quite easily.

Continuous improvements in H&S

Just because your workplace may have operated in a certain way for many years does not mean that it cannot be adapted to become safer and more efficient. Accidents and injuries slow down production, and can seriously affect your productivity levels. You can use your management software to analyse risks and work out a plan of action to make your workplace run more safely. This can be especially useful for planning expansions or when you need to upgrade or replace essential pieces of machinery.

Your H&S management software will also greatly reduce the time needed to complete all of your compliance based tasks, therefore reduce or completely eliminate your compliance violations.


Health And Safety Management Software for Business

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