Helping Your Child Stay Connected with Friends During the Pandemic

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It’s a tough time out there for everyone at the moment, particularly for children who might be missing their friends and the social aspect of school. The pandemic has brought many changes to our lives, and it’s important to try and lessen the effects on children of not seeing their friends face-to-face. Here are some great ideas from a private school near London for helping your child stay connected with friends during the pandemic. 

Make use of virtual technology

The pandemic has increased our reliance on virtual technology to keep in touch with friends and family and perform some everyday activities; but it’s also made us realise how amazing it is that we can still see and talk to people that we can’t now meet in person. Your child will no doubt find it fascinating that they can chat to their friends through a screen, so why not set up a regular video call for them. The children could share a lesson together or just chat and be silly, something which is just as important for children’s mental health as learning. Make it a regular thing so it becomes something your child looks forward to. 

Do it the old-fashioned way and write a letter

Asking your child to write a letter to a friend will not only help keep them connected but also allow them to practise their handwriting skills. They can talk about what they’ve been up to and how they’re finding their lessons. This might also enable children to express their feelings in a way which they perhaps can’t with parents. Your child will no doubt be super excited to receive a letter in return – nothing beats getting a letter from a friend or loved one in the post and it might provide your child with a little pick-me-up when they’re finding things tough. 

Allow video games that include social interaction

Video games can sometimes get a bad rap, but as long as they are age appropriate they can be great for enabling your child to interact and play with friends. This will help with your child’s socialising skills, whilst also providing them with a bit of light relief from school work. It can also help with things like dexterity and coordination, so it’s not all bad where video games are concerned. 

These are some great ways of helping your child stay connected with friends during the pandemic.

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