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Homemade Smash Cake Shoot

I have known for months that I wanted Erin to have a smash cake for her 1st birthday. This is the only year she’ll get to do this I think and I wanted her to do something really fun on her birthday. I know you can go and have professional smash cake photo shoots done but I wanted this to be something John and I did together at home.

I am crap at baking so I didn’t even attempt to make a cake myself. My wonderful friend from work picked us up a chocolate smash cake from Asda.

I can’t remember where I saw the idea now, and I wish I could so I could credit them, but I made my own photo shoot at home.

I taped a white bed sheet to the wall, added some banners and some balloons and there was our set! It was nothing fancy and nothing expensive but it was perfect for us. However, if you want to do this at home then I would advise taping the sheet to the floor as well if you don’t want creases in your photos. Erin moved around like a mad little thing and the sheet went everywhere.

My photos didn’t come out quite as well as I’d hoped, mainly because Erin moved around more than I thought she would. Now, none of my photos are professional quality. In fact, they’re far from it. The good thing about doing your photos at home though is getting to look through the good and the bad. I’ll be keeping the not so good pictures to laugh at in years to come. While the photos aren’t amazing, I have edited some of them and I’m actually really happy with how they turned out.

I could have had amazing photos from a professional but I’d rather have the memory of doing this as a family!

Erin quite obviously had to go in the bath straight after we did this. Chocolate cake was everywhere, even up her nose.

I honestly think that this was a great way to spend a birthday cake. Fun with chocolate cake. Who could ask for more!?

Please note: Erin did not eat the entire chocolate. She barely even ate any of the top. She just ended up covered in it. 


15 thoughts on “Homemade Smash Cake Shoot”

  1. Hehe that looks like so much fun! And such gorgeous photos! I wish I had heard about this when my daughter was 1 as she would have had so much fun. Now she would just try to eat it all!

  2. Awww this is so cute. What a great job. We did a smash cake shoot for my daughter and she freaked out and didn’t want to get messy. All our shots are of her carefully taking tiny finger amounts haha. Great pics. xx

  3. I love this idea, I’ve thought about a professional cake smash photoshoot even though it’s crazy money but I didn’t even think of doing one at home! Little N is one next month & we will definitely be including this in our plans! Thank you

  4. Aww! She is so cute and it is so obvious she can’t finish that yummy cake all by herself. I am sure you all had fun. And guess what those pictures are FABULOUS. I love them.

  5. You’ve actually got some amazing photos there and this has given me the confidence to try it at home ourselves this year.

    She looks like she loved the cake!

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