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How garden offices can help you make the most of summer

Over the last 6 or 7 weeks I have been making some changes around the house. During this time I made an area of the living room/ dining room into my very own office. It’s not quite finished yet but I’m getting there. The problem though, is that it is the middle of summer and my office looks out into the garden. I want to be out, enjoying the beautiful weather and feeling the warmth of the sun (when that actually happens).

We are lucky that we have a pretty big garden. Something else that is not entirely finished. We have an area at the back of the garden that is a bit overgrown and is home to a rotten shed that is falling apart. The plan has always been to knock the shed down, build a new one and make good use of the space to the side of it.

Up until recently I had no idea what I wanted to do with the space at all. I had no inspiration whatsoever and I just couldn’t think of what could go there. The rest of the garden is pretty much dedicated to Erin and her toys but I realised that we need some grown up space as well.

What I didn’t know before was that garden offices are actually a thing. Yes, an office in the garden! I’m now obsessed with finding one that would be perfect for me and our garden. garden offices

There are so many different garden offices available and GBC have some amazing options.

Not only could I have a space in the garden perfect for working but partitions are available to create extra storage. Instead of an ugly shed, a garden office could become somewhere for keeping tools and other random garden items at the same time. garden officesI think the great thing about garden offices is that they allow you to enjoy the weather, let the children play outside while you can watch them and you can get some work done all at the same time. The garden office would also be a great place to cool down from the sun as well!

Would you consider a garden office? This is now right at the top of my wish list for the garden!

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11 thoughts on “How garden offices can help you make the most of summer”

  1. Oh I love the idea of a garden office. If we were still in the UK I’d consider it. However I’m very lucky to have a great deck with a comfy table and chairs to enjoy our garden with while keeping an eye on the boy.

  2. These look amazing. My husband works from an office at home and I think he’d love one of these in our garden. I actually really like the idea…! wonder what they’d be like in the winter? x

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