How To Arrange A Campervan Holiday For Your Family

A campervan holiday is a great way to get your family out and about for a while, as well as a way for them to experience places and scenery they might never have seen before. There’s a lot you’ll need to arrange before your holiday plan can become a reality. Here are few tips on how to arrange a campervan holiday for your family and save you some precious time.

Find out the dimensions of your vehicle

The dimensions of your campervan matter more than you might expect. If you’re a first-time campervan driver, you won’t know how the increased weight and size will affect your skills, but getting an idea of how big and heavy it is will at least give you a reference point. It might also tell you how cramped it’ll be for your family – some campervans are only designed to accommodate two or three people, so check ahead of time and see how well it’ll work out for your group.

Keep some free time available

Mobility is one of the biggest advantages of using a campervan, so it’s a good idea to save some free time for any unplanned places you want to visit. There’ll always be local businesses and attractions that don’t appear on any brochures and official maps, but you won’t get a chance to experience them with a full schedule, and they might be gone the next time you’re in the area.

Don’t leave things to chance

You aren’t guaranteed to everything you need at every time. Even if a certain caravan park says it has Wi-Fi or showers, you might turn up on a day where they’re broken and need to be fixed. Always pack something for emergencies and make sure you have a backup plan in place in case something happens. And who knows, maybe you could turn it into an internet-free family bonding time?

Know where you are

It’s easy to get lost in another country with or without a vehicle, but campervans have the added problem of being legally similar to a tent. Make sure you have a map (and GPS, if possible) to check that you aren’t setting up on somebody’s land or obstructing an important path. Expect to have Wi-Fi access and weather and GPS apps on the provided tablet when you rent a Cozy Campers van. The Iceland-based company has equipped and designed their campers for the safety and convenience of users.

Hire or rent your vehicle

Most people would recommend hiring a campervan if it’s your first time using one instead of buying whichever type you can find. That way, if you end up not enjoying the experience or found flaws in the specific model you were driving, you won’t be stuck with it. There are plenty of campervan hire services to choose from, all with their own deals and services on offer.

Prioritise what your family needs

If somebody in your family has food intolerances or medication, make sure you stock as much of it as you can. Most things will be freely available during your holiday, but leaving somebody without their specialised food and medicine can cut your holiday short very quickly.


How To Arrange A Campervan Holiday For Your Family

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