How to Clear Your Shed and Make it More Organised

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It’s that time of year again, where we’re all looking to spend more time in our garden. However, for most of us, before we can truly relax and enjoy the good weather – we have to deal with our sheds, which are often dumping grounds for all the things we can’t fit into our homes. 

Over time, though, these sheds or huts can become totally cluttered meaning many of us can’t even get into our sheds in order to find what we need. If this sounds like you, it’s time to dedicate some time to getting it de-cluttered and organised. 

Even better, to help you out, here at Kwiksweep we’ve put together some tips for you, meaning your shed will be cleared before you know. Leaving you with more time to enjoy a BBQ in your garden instead! 

1: Organise as You Go 

It can be tempting to just bulldoze through your shed contents and throw everything onto the lawn, but this will only give you twice the work, as you will still need to sort through the contents later. Instead, make life easier on yourself by sorting your shed contents as you go. 

For instance, you might want to make different piles, such as: 

As well as piles for what you’re keeping, you should also make piles of anything you’d like to sell, donate or trash. Especially since this will help you achieve more space in your shed. 

2: Only Keep What You Need 

For many of us, a shed becomes the easy place to put items we think we might need one day. It could be removing furniture, pots of old paint, boxes of clothes or even old, broken tools you just didn’t want to throw away. Whatever your clutter is, you need to be brutal and only keep what you actually need and will use. 

If you can do this, you’ll soon find that your hut has plenty of space for everything you need – with extra space for you to move around! 

Garden shed

3: Make Storage Sections in Your Shed 

To make your shed far more organised than it’s ever been, it makes sense for you to dedicate different areas for different things. For instance, you’ll likely use your garden tools the most, so keep these altogether near the door of your shed for easy access. 

If you have a lot of tools, you might want to consider something like a peg board for the wall of your shed, as this will take up less space and give you a lot of storage. 

4: Be Mindful of Your Shed Waste 

Once your shed is de-cluttered and organised, it can be tempting to just get your waste uplifted and taken to the dump. However, it’s really important that you’re conscious of who is taking your rubbish and what is happening to it. 

As, here at Kwiksweep, when we make an uplift, we make sure that anything that can be recycled is – which will leave you feeling much better about not putting anything onto a landfill unnecessarily. Plus, we’ll collect it from your home, which is super convenient to you!


How to Clear Your Shed and Make it More Organised

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