How To Design A Nursery: Best Tips For Designing A Nursery

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Babies are expensive before they even arrive. Sure they look all cute and chubby and give out adorable looky eyes that snatches your attention. But planning a nursery for a baby or a bunch of them could be hard; it isn’t planned. Some of the decisions might be hard to settle, while some will support you. 

And at last, it all comes down to you to imagine yourself as a baby and decide whether to keep it or start it from scratch. So, to help all the newly made parents and all those who are expecting, we have made the perfect go-to guide on how to design a nursery and best tips on how to do it. 

  1. Crib and Crib Bedding

Always invest in the crib. And we mean it. Cribs are the #1 priority while planning a nursery. It is the place where your child will spend the initial years of their life. While choosing a good crib could be hard, try to look online for budget cribs that meet the safety standards.

It is important to invest in cribs that have railings or crossings at the top. They will keep your baby safe and prevent any slipping. Adding to cribs are their bedding. Parents lack the idea to buy more sheets and end up getting frustrated to wash them constantly.

  1. Choose A Changing Table

A changing table is a must. Yes, we said that. The reason is very simple, and yet many of us fail to envision it. Every parent needs a place to change their kid’s diapers, clothes, wipes, put ointments, and apply lotion. And it is more convenient if you have them at one spot.

Imagine being a runner all the time if you lack a changing table. That would be a disaster. So, if you have space for some additional furniture, invest in a good changing table. Also, invest in pad covers. They will be the bodyguard to these mattresses. 

  1. Storage

Storage space is a prominent area that needs to be dealt with. And you have to be smart while investing in these. Choose storage that supplies your demands for today and tomorrow. You should pick out such designs that could get convert into another.  

For example, if your storage tables have baskets, then make sure your baskets could hold something else when you’re done with the diaper period. You can also consider shelves or hanging areas near the changing table that are out of reach of your baby and yet serve the job. 

  1. Portraits and Wallpapers

Now that you have set up the functional pieces, it is time to design your walls. And the simplest way is portraits. They add to your pallet, colour tone, shades, and the overall themes. The best part about portraits: babies react, smirk & giggle on them and love their presence.

CanvasPop is one such amazing platform where you can design great family portraits, pet portraits, or any theme of portraits online. And with more than 1000 designs, numerous shades and cool borders and backgrounds to choose from, you can redesign your nursery just the way you like it. 

Child's bedroom

  1. Nursery Chair

Yes, we said that adding furniture is to be kept at minimalist. But the one space that you can rely upon after those hefty nights of trying to sleep in your toddler into their crib is a necessity. For the best experience, try going with a rocking chair or a glider. 

In both of these, you can both get a good quality sleep. And there will be some moments when you will need to lie down after sleeping your child, and you can consider an ottoman for yourself. This could be added with a throw. And you can pamper yourself with some “Me” time. 


  1. Gender-Neutral Nursery Walls

Neutral colours deliver a soothing environment and enhance the beauty of the nursery. Maybe it will be a surprise for your upcoming one’s gender. Maybe not. But choosing the right colour shade could help you in the long run and also save a few more bucks. 

Home decor experts suggest new, and contrast gender-neutral colours such as soft greys, matte emulsions, and white walls could fully set your nursery. Keeping it in a gentle mood can also ensure that you are free to convert this room for grownups in the future. 

  1. Curtains

Curtains, well, are hard to choose. One prominent information that decides the curtains types is their ability to turn dark at any time. Try going with curtains such as blackout shades that could fake the night time at noon. Kids are no dummies. 

Even adults do want to explore if it is still shining outside the window. And these are the annoying little ones you want to get in sleep. Please do not make it a dungeon, but go with hard and strong curtains that do not let light pass via them. 

  1. Unique Lighting

Now that you have chosen curtains, themes, and the perfect crib, it’s the moment to settle on lighting. And by it, we mean you have to focus on good lighting here. Firstly, try avoiding harsh lighting. Instead, install soft and calm colours that could project maximum light. For this, locate a nursery focus point. 

Usually, it lies above the crib on the ceiling or around the corners. So, go with smart lighting methods, including ceiling/light-fan combo and light layering. Also, install dimmers in such lights to control the contrast. And finally, never install a floor lamp. They are an accident waiting to occur.   


Here are the top eight points you should consider for a nursery. In a nutshell, it is both a heartwarming and mind-blowing feeling to become a parent. And a lot of things could go right and wrong in doing many of these. But in the end, everything will be great. Trust us!


How To Design A Nursery: Best Tips For Designing A Nursery

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