How To Entertain Kids While Working At Home

How To Entertain Kids While Working At Home

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Kids are often a buzz of activities, always eager to have fun and get enough playtime. While that’s usually a beautiful thing to see, there are times when you’re working at home, or you have a pile of emails to reply to. And frankly, there are no suitable jobs for moms that wouldn’t require some time away from their kids. 

This doesn’t mean you have to resort to killing their fun or locking them away in a room. Creative activities require little or no parental involvement, giving you enough time to clear up your task list. 

In this article, we’ve teamed up with experts from job aggregator jooble to provide you with easy ideas on how to entertain your kids while working at home. Let’s explore more.

Activities Kids Can Do While Parents Work

There are a lot of interesting tasks you can give to your kids, so they give you some time you need to focus on work. However, you need to be creative about it so that they don’t get bored along the line and come back to disturb you. Below are some ideas you can incorporate to entertain your kids while working. 

Arts And Crafts

There is a long list of fun and engaging art projects for your kids — so much that it’s almost impossible to run out of options. What’s most impressive about arts and crafts is that they do not only keep them engaged but also help improve their creativity and artistic expression. Ideas you can try in arts and crafts include crocheting, kid crafts, knitting, painting, embroidery, scrapbooks, e.t.c. 

Give Them A Lego Challenge

The Lego challenge is another excellent way to pass the time. Your kids would get so engrossed in it that they might even forget you’re home with them. The activity offers many learning opportunities and can also be time-consuming, making it better for you. Set up a lego challenge that might take hours to work on, and watch them bring their amazing concepts to life. 


If you have discovered certain activities your kids like to engage in, you can leverage that to keep them occupied. Such activities can effectively entertain your kids while you carry out each activity on your to-do list.

Imaginary Play Ideas

Kids are full of imagination, and a prop or more can help kickstart their minds. There are several ways to do that. You can create a giant race-car track, Go camping (Pitch a camping tent in the living room) or create a toy washing station. Any creative imaginary play ideas would get them busy and entertained. 

Physical Play Ideas

Physical play ideas can be highly effective when you have more than one kid. Set them up with a game that gets them up and moving. Give them a chance to have some bonding time while also having so much fun. 

Hide and seek, obstacle course, jazz up a dance party, and scavenger hunt are examples of physical play ideas for them. You can also introduce new game ideas and explain to them how it’s played. 


Although most of these activities can be done with little to no parental involvement, it is still paramount that you check up on your kids from time to time or try not to stay far away from them. 

For those times when you need quick and easy entertainment options, this article has highlighted a few ways to keep your kids occupied so you can get your work done.

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