How To Have A Beautiful Garden In Winter

How To Have A Beautiful Garden In Winter

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When we moved into our house around 4 and a half years ago we knew that the garden needed attention quite quickly. The previous owners left it in such a mess that we needed 3 skips to clear the junk and then we had to have a landscaper to level the whole of the garden. For the first couple of months I loved it. We had a beautiful big lawn and so much space compared to what it was before because it was very neat and tidy. I was so in love with our new garden and I wanted to be out there all of the time.

We had all of the work done in the garden in the spring so we got to spent lots of time outside over the summer. As soon as autumn arrived though we realised that the garden wasn’t going to stay as nice as we’d hoped and it became clear that what we thought was a great idea was far from it. If, like me, you’re not sure about what you’re doing try Leander tree and garden maintenance service for tips on where to get started. Here are some ideas for having a beautiful garden in winter:

Artificial Grass

Winter really takes it’s toll on our lawn and I really regret choosing traditional turf. What was a lush, green lawn is now a patchy, muddy mess that is a nightmare to cut in the summer. At the time, I don’t think we even thought about artificial grass as an option but I wish we had. With artificial grass there is no cutting required, no mud after it rains or snows and it’s great for families with children like us. I know I would feel a lot better about Erin being out in the garden more if she had a safer, cleaner area to play on. If you’re looking to include artificial grass in your garden then Lawrence Laws can supply and install it for you. Be sure to visit their website. 


Having a garden that is used a lot by a toddler means that there are often toys all over the place. Erin isn’t the tidiest of toddlers and we usually go back inside without putting things away a lot of the time. Leaving toys out during the winter can cause damage, rust or even broken toys. Having clever garden storage not only keeps your garden tidy and clutter-free during winter but it will also stop you having to spend money to replace anything that gets damaged.


During the winter months our wildlife really needs a helping hand and there is lots you can do in the garden to make things a bit easier for them.

Birds use bird feeders all year round but in winter they need calorie-rich foods like peanuts and suet. Birds also need fresh water and this is really important especially when we’ve had snow or ice recently. Bird feeders and water tables can look stunning in any garden and there are so many different options available.

Erin is a big fan of bugs and is so interested in all the different kinds we find. Bugs really need help during the winter and a homemade bug hotel can be a great addition to any garden. These can be as big or as little as you have room for and they will make a difference no matter what. Not only will you be helping the bugs but you also get the beauty of all of the different species you’re bound to see.

Each of these ideas can be adapted to suit any sized garden or budget and will all make a big difference in winter. What have you done to make your garden beautiful in winter?



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