The Diary of a Shoe Lover

The Diary of a Shoe Lover

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Way back when I was 18 I worked for what was a very well-known shoe shop. Unfortunately, I think the company went into administration years ago and now there aren’t any shops left. At the time I couldn’t have asked for a better job, especially as it was where I went straight after working at McDonald’s.

Working in a shoe shop meant being able to take advantage of certain things like staff discount. As we were required to wear shoes sold at the shop for work we got 50% off a few times a year. One of the stipulations was that we had to wear these particular shoes for a number of shifts. Being a little bit sneaky and I think a little bit clever, I would always purchase more expensive shoes for work even if I wasn’t really ever going to wear them for that purpose. I remember once getting the most amazing pair of brown leather knee boots with a killer heel and they killed me when I had to work with them. I did make sure I was sensible and wore them on days like Sundays where I knew it would be quieter.

Not only did we get discounted work shoes but we got 25% off any other time within reason and we also got to find out what would be going into sale months in advance. When you have a massive love for shoes this is a bit dangerous. The shop I worked at was very lenient…and let us put aside any shoes that would be in the sale before it even happened. We were then allowed to leave the shoes until the sale had ended to get the best prices. Once I bought at least twenty pairs of shoes in one go from a sale and they only cost between £1 and £3 each!

High heeled shoes

I was very much a person who needed plenty of shoes. I went to college, I needed shoes for work and I absolutely loved getting dressed up to go on nights out. I had to keep most of my shoes in their boxes and have them in my bedroom at the time stacked up just so I could get to them easily. Looking back, I might have gone a bit overboard but most of the heeled shoes I had I wore until the heels snapped! I definitely got good value for money!

Now things are quite different and my shoe preferences have changed. I can’t remember the last time I needed to get dressed up and wear a pair of heels but I do still have that same love of boots as I did 14-ish years ago. Everyone has a ‘go to’ shop for buying certain things and Uppersole is mine for shoes and boots! With it now being winter, it’s such a good time to treat myself and splash out on a beautiful new pair of boots.


The Diary of a Shoe Lover

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