How to update your wardrobe ready for autumn

How to update your wardrobe ready for autumn

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This summer hasn’t been the warmest and sometimes, I’ve even had to wear a cardigan or jumper. It won’t be long before we swap the dresses and shorts for warmer attire. Here are a few ideas for updating your wardrobe ready for autumn.

Choose autumnal colours

Want to really embrace autumn this year? Why not choose some new items for your wardrobe in great autumn colours. Things, deep red, burnt orange and yellow, as well as dark greens and browns. The shops are starting to stock clothes suitable for autumn now so you’ve got plenty of time to pick out some great new pieces.

Add some colourful tights

There’s no reason why autumn has to mean you stop wearing dresses. Long sleeved dresses are great for the cooler months, especially if you don’t feel like wearing a coat. However, it’s not nice having cold legs but there’s an easy way to solve that. Add some colourful tights to your outfit and not only will you be warmer, but it’s a great way to add something new to a favourite dress.

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Make the most of layers

One of the great things about autumn is that it’s the perfect time to start wearing layers. Think tops and t-shirts paired with chunky knits like jumpers or cardigans! Maybe a long sleeved t-shirt would work really well with a sleeveless dress. There are lots of options here. This isn’t just for women either! Men could wear a plain t-shirt under a fun flannel shirt.

Plan your outfits

New clothes can end up being costly, especially if you need to buy quite a lot. Sit down and plan out what you might want to wear and make a list of what you need. It’s all well and good buying something you love but if you don’t have anything that goes with it, you might not end up wearing it after all. Clever planning can mean a great capsule wardrobe for autumn!

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Stock up on accessories

Autumn is a great time to add some cool accessories to your outfits. As the colder weather comes in, you will need essentials such as hats, scarves and gloves. These are all great if you want to add some colour or patterns to your outfits, or have a set that goes with everything instead.

Choose the right shoes

Weather in autumn can be a bit unpredictable. One week it can be quite warm and another it can do nothing but rain all week. The key to getting your autumn wardrobe right is to have a choice of shoes available to you. A good pair of boots is a staple in an autumn wardrobe but you also might want to think about keeping the sandals out for a little bit longer.

Don’t forget a coat!

Just like with shoes, you never really know what kind of coat you might need in autumn. It’s good to be prepared with a variety of options, such as a denim jacket, lightweight raincoat and even a bigger, warmer coat. It’s always good to be prepared, just in case the weather decides to change!

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  1. I was thinking about Autumnal clothes today after the week of rubbish weather we’ve had.
    Great ideas and tips. My favourite thing about Autumn is that it’s boot weather. I do love my boots. x

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