How You Can Keep Your Carpets Clean When You Have Kids and Pets At Home

How You Can Keep Your Carpets Clean When You Have Kids and Pets At Home

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Want to keep your carpet tidy? This can be hard if you have pets or children. Teach yourself how to keep your carpet clean even with kids and pets!

In our houses, the largest surface is the floor, and the carpets we use add greatly to the residence’s aesthetics. These carpets can often get dirty, as dirt and other unwanted particles can get piled up on them. Furthermore, if kept unclean, the carpet can give the entire house a messy and unclean look. Keeping your carpets clean can be quite tricky, but having kids and pets can make the problem a lot more complicated. Keep reading this article to know steps to keep your carpet clean, even with kids and pets.

1. Don’t Wait to Clean Stains

The first rule to maintaining your carpet is to take care of it constantly. Any spills or grime should be treated immediately with effective measures. Otherwise, cleaning these stains will become more and more difficult as time passes and may even cause permanent damage.

You can use a regular towel and dip it in warm water mixed with soap. Press on stains with the rug and don’t rub aggressively. Baking soda can also be used to clean carpets, and vinegar is also a possible solution.

Another problem we need to tackle when answering the question, β€œHow to clean your carpet even with kids and pets?” is the stains that our pets leave behind. Even if they are well-mannered and properly trained, there’s still a chance that accidents will happen.

To take care of pet stains, you must act quickly and infect the floor often so that no stains remain untreated. Furthermore, purchasing a litter box for cats can help prevent pet stains.

2. Regulate Your Family Well

In every family, kids and pets tend to be the messiest members. Whether intentional or not, they make the job much more difficult for you. So, setting down some rules should be a must!

You can set up a cleaning schedule for the family. Take your pet out of the house and let your kids know when you will start cleaning so that they don’t interrupt the process. This allows you to concentrate on keeping the carpet tidy and builds consistency, which is crucial for keeping your carpets nice and clean.

Additionally, you can consider putting up a no-shoe policy inside the house so that all the dirt is left outside with the shoes and doesn’t put dirt on your carpets. Shoes can bring in harmful germs, bacteria, and other substances, harming your house’s hygiene. People should wear socks or clean slippers inside the house to keep things clean!

Another thing to remember is that many pets can shed excess hair, which can be quite the hassle to clean up. To tackle this problem, you should brush your pet often (about twice a week) and bathe them too. This way, all the unwanted hair and dirt are cleared away, and it is an excellent solution for keeping your carpet clean even with kids and pets.

3. Clean Stains the Right Way

In addition to treating stains immediately, it’s also crucial that you use the right methods! Different accidents can cause different stains, and a single method won’t be able to clean all the mess on its own. Hence, knowing how to clean each type of stain is critical.

A carpet spray cleaner is one of the most popular ways to clean your carpet, and for a good reason. After all, children are known to spill food often, and a good carpet spray cleaner will help clean most food-related stains. If you spill red wine, the best way to clean that is by using white wine. Furthermore, complete cleaning of the carpet with shampoo once every few months will help clean up all the food residue as well.

The stains left by your pets, whether from poop or pee, will give off a foul odor and can be pretty unbearable to take care of. To deal with the problem efficiently, you can use dish soap or laundry cleaners with warm water after scraping the waste.

This process is applicable for baby puke and pet vomit stains as well. Dap one cloth dipped with the cleaning detergents and again with a dry towel. Let the stain dry for a day and see if the stain is gone. If not, you need to use a rug cleaner to shampoo the carpet.

4. Outdoor Entertainment and Play Area Designations

This solution of how to keep your carpet clean even with kids and pets serves as a prevention measure more. Children and pets can make a mess of things. You should prevent them from messing up the whole house by setting up play areas that will contain damage with baby gates.

Additionally, let the kids and the pets have access to outside the house. This encourages them to play outside, which is great for them and allows pets to access the backyard whenever they need to go. If they stay entertained away from the carpet, the mess will be greatly reduced, and keeping things clean will be a much simpler task!

In Conclusion

Once again, the key solution for keeping your carpet clean even with kids and pets is consistency. Daily spot sweeps and vacuuming for debris will help lower the damage to the carpet. You should also shampoo the carpet once in a while.

 Carpets aren’t cheap, and taking care of them may be tough, but they are an essential part of the house and can significantly affect its image. We hope that this article has helped you learn ways to keep your carpets clean and tidy. Good luck!


How Often Should a Carpet be Cleaned When You Have Kids and Pets?

Daily simple cleaning is essential, whether it be vacuuming or stain cleaning, as the longer the debris sits, the more damage it does. That being said, two to three good cleaning sessions a week can also serve you well.

Steam Cleaning or Shampoo Cleaning?

Steam cleaning is more effective as it also clears up undetectable pests and dirt particles. The process also takes less time since it dries faster.

What Is The Best Cleaning Method for Carpets?

Steam cleaning is the most effective way to clean carpets as it can remove around 90% of all debris stuck in carpets.

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