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I have wanted my own office space for quite some time now. We used to have a small library in the house but as soon as Erin started walking and climbing, we knew it was time to go. So, off went the books into the loft and I sold the bookcases. We had an empty space in our big open plan living room/ dining room and it quickly dawned on me that this could be my office space. Now that I have furniture and a desk, Red Candy have helped me out with some office accessories.

My new desk is absolutely massive and pure white. My iMac and printer take up quite a lot of the space but without anything else it looks extremely plain and boring; not me at all!

When I started looking on the Red Candy website, one theme in particular stood out to me straight away. I love anything shiny so I guess I’m a bit like a magpie. Copper and Rose Gold is super popular right now and Red Candy had loads to offer.

In the end, I chose three items:

Cabo Letter Holder – Copper (£17.95)
Cabo Pencil Cup – Copper (£8.95)
Umbra Anigram Ring Holder – Copper Bunny (£8.90)

Although I have loads of storage in my office, there are certain things that I like to use every day. I have a couple of notebooks and planners that I use all of the time and I also like to have my diary to hand as well. I am also super picky about which pens I use and I do have favourites so I like to have these to hand while I’m working as well.

The copper letter holding and pencil pot make a perfect pair. The letter holder has three slots so there is room for my diary, planner and notebook while the pencil pot could hold loads of I wanted it to! Not having a lot in it though means I am able to grab the pen I want with ease instead of routing through loads.

The third and final item I chose really isn’t an office accessory at all. This absolutely gorgeous copper bunny is a ring holder. However, I thought it would look lovely next to the letter holder and pencil pot so that’s why I chose it. It serves me no purpose whatsoever apart from looking adorable and giving Erin something to fiddle with if I let her up to the desk!

I absolutely love the range of products that Red Candy have on offer. I have my eye on a beautiful copper fruit bowl now to keep me eating healthy snacks while I work! 


Red Candy Office Accessories

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