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Did you know that March is National Sleep Month? I didn’t until recently but as a busy parent who doesn’t always sleep very well or very much, I’m really glad that Feather and Down sent us some products to help!


I used to be a real night owl and would very rarely be in bed before midnight, if not later. I have been so used to working strange hours that I always used to need a good couple of hours to unwind before going to bed. Now that I am self-employed and work from home I do manage to have an earlier bedtime now and again but it still doesn’t help me get a good night’s sleep.


Part of the problem is that I end up having too much on my mind by the time bedtime comes around. I can end up thinking about anything from my workload to tomorrow’s dinner or numerous things about Erin. Every night I must lay awake for a good while at least before I can fall asleep. My mind is just too busy.


I was so excited to try some products from Feather and Down though because honestly, I needed some help. We were sent the Melting Shower Cream, All Purpose Sleep Balm and Pillow Spray but there are more products available on the website. Before even using any of the products I wanted to know what they smelled of. The products have lavender and chamomile essential oils so they’re really designed to help you relax and fall to sleep easier. Each product smells amazing so I wanted to try them out pretty fast!

For me, each product is great in it’s own way. The spray is really good for keeping next to your bed and spraying on just before bedtime. The shower cream is absolutely perfect to use after having a lovely soak in the bath on an evening. It will leave your skin not only feeling super soft but smelling great as well. Then there is the sleep balm which you apply to your pulse points before bed. I think that this, along with the spray, last most of the way through the night and even in the morning I can still smell them faintly.

Each time I use the Feather and Down products I find I am much more relaxed and generally, get a better night’s sleep overall. Obviously, these products are not miracle workers and they can’t get rid of my overactive brain but they do help me to relax easier at bedtime which in return, helps me to fall asleep quicker!


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