Mess Free Fun With Foam Alive

Mess Free Fun With Foam Alive

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Erin is so creative and she really enjoys playing with anything like arts and crafts or things like Play-Doh. Something we hadn’t tried yet was Foam Alive, something that is supposed to never dry out! I am all for toys or things to play with that can really last so I was looking forward to giving it a go with Erin. She was sent theΒ Foam Alive Double Flip Pack* to try!

Foam Alive

The Foam Alive Double Flip Pack comes in an hourglass shaped container with the two colours of foam separated into each side. In our pack we had purple and bright green. The colours of the foam was really bright and vibrant and even before opening the container you could tip it upside down and watch it move around.

Erin with Foam Alive

Getting the foam out of the container was incredibly difficult. It took 2 of us about 15 minutes to even get into the lid and we had to do that with a knife in the end and force it off. While it’s nice to know that spillages are super unlikely because of how tight the lid is it would have been nicer to not have to fight with the container before being able to play.

Erin with Foam Alive

When we first got the foam out of the container we were really surprised at the texture. I was expecting it to be a bit rough but actually, it was super soft and felt lovely. Erin was so quick to get stuck in and see what she could do.

Erin with Foam Alive

Obviously, getting stuck in meant immediately mixing the colours together. I had hoped to at least get these to last maybe 10 minutes or so but it was not to be! Before being mixed together the colours were really vibrant but after being mixed together they got a little bit duller, which was to be expected really. While it was a great idea to have 2 colours, it was never going to stay that way in our house.

Erin with Foam Alive

Foam Alive was not what I was expecting it to be. The foam can be shaped, moulded and moved around to make it do different things. What surprised me the most was that you could roll it into a ball (or any other shape) and when you let go it would sort of fall apart again. It’s quite hard to describe what it actually does but Erin had a great time seeing what else she could do with the foam.

Every time we get this out Erin plays with it for a minimum of 30 minutes but usually a lot longer. It’s a shame the colours have now been mixed but we use additional items such as cookie cutters, rollers and egg cups to create different shapes with the foam. I’m sure she would like some additional colours to help her play with the Foam Alive in different ways.


Mess Free Fun With Foam Alive

11 thoughts on “Mess Free Fun With Foam Alive”

  1. What a great idea for mess free play. I’m pretty sure my daughter would love to incorporate this in her small world play – looks great for imaginative play.

  2. My kids love this sort of product. I love that you get two colours in one pack. I’d be inclined to give them one colour to play with at a time to avoid them being mixed.

  3. Ohhh this looks great! My kids are into anything that makes a mess, anything that can be smeared on walls, themselves and furniture, so next time we’re buying, will be sure to get these in the basket! Thanks for sharing πŸ˜€ Super cute photos as well.

  4. I love any kind of messy play that isn’t messy. We have tried these before and my daughter loves it, we had a travel case with ours too. It was super handy whilst on holiday.

  5. This sounds like really good fun, Luke loves sensory toys like this. Shame it was so difficult to get out of the container, but it does look very cool when it’s in there.

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