My life is a musical

You know when you watch any kind of musical whether it be TV show, film or play you think that people don’t really sing all day. I thought it was crazy to see people singing random songs about making the bed or cleaning your teeth. Never in a million years would I have said stuff like that actually happens.

It does. In my house.

Actually, it’s not even just in my house. I sing about the most random things walking down the street too.

I’m not completely crazy though because it’s all for Erin who seems to love it when I sing. I don’t know why because I can’t sing a note in tune. So, because it makes her happy, I sing about everything. I sing about changing her nappy, getting dressed, fussing the dog and pretty much anything else you can thing of. My songs don’t even make sense which is the worst part.

Singing around the house is one thing but people must think I’m absolutely mad singing at a baby in a pram while we’re walking around town.

I wonder when Erin will realise that her mum is the worst singer ever… next to her dad!

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