Highlights Of 2018

Highlights Of 2018

As years go, I think 2018 has been pretty amazing for a lot of different reasons. Of course, we had some really bad times too with things around the house breaking and costing us money as well as being broke a lot of the time due to paying Erin’s nursery fees every month. Instead of focusing on things that couldn’t be helped I thought I’d write a post about the great things we’ve done in 2018.


In April we went on our very first family holiday abroad to Port de Pollensa in Majorca. We chose somewhere only a couple of hours away on a flight as we didn’t know what Erin would be like but actually, she was a complete dream to travel with. The weather was just perfect for us because it was hot enough without being uncomfortable for Erin. We all had our first all inclusive experience and we had the best time together. This holiday was really needed after a long time of not being able to spend time just as the three of us.

Our Family Holiday To Puerto Pollensa, Majorca


I don’t think I ever thought I would say that I would go on holiday to a caravan park. John won some vouchers at work so we booked a break to Haven Caister-on-Sea which isn’t far away from where we live in Norfolk. I was really surprised at how nice the caravan was and we had a really comfortable stay. Erin really enjoyed herself and it was nice to experience something new and different. I think we would definitely go back seeing as Erin enjoyed the activities so much.

Haven Caister-on-Sea Rory's Sing Along

Center Parcs

Last year was our first ever holiday to Center Parcs but we fell in love with it as soon as we arrived pretty much. This year we went for a big family holiday with my sister and her boyfriend as well as my Mum. We went exactly 1 year from our previous visit and to see the change in Erin was just amazing really. Erin got to share a bedroom with her Grandma and I think that was probably the highlight for her. At the minute we don’t have another trip back booked but I’m determined to go once more before Erin starts Reception in 2020.

Centre Parcs


When I moved to Norfolk in 2013 I instantly began to hear great things about BeWILDerwood. I had always thought that Erin was too young to really make the most of it but we went on a press trip at the end of October and Erin was in her element. She climbed, swung, zip-lined and explored absolutely everything she possibly could and fell asleep, exhausted, towards the end of the day. I think this has been my favourite place we have ever taken Erin for a day out and I can’t wait to take her back again next year when it re-opens.

Erin dressing up at BeWILDerwood

Work Opportunities

2018 has been my first full year of self-employment and while it hasn’t all been smooth sailing it has been a pretty great year. I’m lucky enough to work from home and work around things like swimming lessons, Erin’s nursery days and anything else that might come up. Not only have we had some amazing days out for work this year but I have also had some fantastic products to review. I have been so lucky to with with AO.com this year and my new laptop makes working a lot easier. This is something I wouldn’t have been able to afford for a very long time otherwise so I’m very thankful for the opportunities that come our way.

Have you had some great moments this year? I’d love to know!


Highlights Of 2018

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