Our home made baby book

As soon as I found I was pregnant I knew that I didn’t want a generic baby record book. The ones I had seen in shops were either very girly or just a bit boring. It didn’t seem like there would ever be enough pages for things I would want in there so making my own seemed to be the best option.

I started out with a basic, black scrapbook knowing I could decorate it in a million different ways. Hobbycraft was the obvious place to start with buying different things and I got some super cute stick on letters which I wanted to use for the front cover. As you can see from the picture below, I have left off the end number on the year. I’m due on 25th January 2016 but I might be early so I’ll have to add that later on.


The next thing to do was to plan out what pages I wanted inside the scrapbook. The scrapbook is pretty big so I know I’ll have loads of room to put in everything I want. I want to put in pages about my pregnancy and how I was feeling at certain stages. I want to add in pages about our family. I want to add in pages about the baby’s first milestones.


I’m currently still adding to this list and I haven’t actually completed any pages yet. I need some more supplies first but at least I know where I’m going with it at least. I can’t wait to get started properly and to end up with something our baby can keep and look back at over the years!

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