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I am such a big fan of taking photos and creating photo albums into themes; holidays, people, places etc. Just recently we had the chance to put together a photo album for Jackson with the help from Pen Heaven.

When the photo album arrived I was pretty amazed! The album comes beautifully wrapped and then in a cream presentation box. The whole photo album feels luxurious and I would expect so for the RRP of £59.99. The photo album is quite large, measuring H 305mm x W 220mm x D 55mm. The pages are slightly smaller in size but this is so they are protected by the covers. Each page also has a protective sheet.

Last month was National Pet Month so our photo came embossed with a gold paw print and Jackson’s name. Up until recently, I’d have no photos of Jackson printed. I don’t even know why. It has been so nice to have somewhere to put just photos of him. There is plenty of room of each page for 2 ‘normal’ sized photos or you could put one larger photo with some writing underneath.

As beautiful as this photo album is I did have one problem with it. It doesn’t come with any way of actually attaching or inserting the photos. I did try to use Washi Tape to stick the photos down but it didn’t hold very well at all. I think this was down to the texture of the paper more than anything. I’ve now had to go and get photo corners to re-stick the photos. Seeing as this album is worth £59.99 without the embossing, it’s a lot to have something like this overlooked.

Although it would have been nice to have had a way to attach the photos straight away I still absolutely love this photo album. Pets are such a big part of a family so it’s nice to have somewhere special just for Jackson’s photos. This photo album would make a purrrfect (sorry!) present for any pet or animal lover.

Disclaimer: We received this item for the purpose of this review. All opinions are our own.



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  1. Great idea but agree it should have included some sort of adhesive. Lovely keepsake of your gorgeous dog

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