Phillips Performer Active Vacuum Cleaner Review

We have had plenty of vacuum cleaners in the past and some have been better than others. Some have died a natural vacuum cleaner death and some have been so bad that we’ve replaced them quite quickly. The last vacuum cleaner we bought was absolutely awful and we couldn’t even use any of the attachments as they didn’t pick anything up. Kneeling on the floor with the main pipe was not fun! So, when we were offered the Phillips Performer Active vacuum cleaner to try I jumped at the chance.

Setting up the vacuum cleaner was an absolute breeze and from unpacking it, I was ready to go in less than 5 minutes. I think I spent more time getting rid of the cardboard and plastic bags than putting everything together. Inside the box you get the main body of the vacuum cleaner with the bag inside, three different nozzles and the main hose and extender pole.

Phillips Performer Active vacuum cleaner

I love that you get three different nozzle attachments with this vacuum cleaner. Everyone has different floors and different needs and I really think that Phillips have thought about this in great deal. One hard floor nozzle is suitable for just that while the TurboBrush is perfect for homes with pet hair and the TriActive+ nozzle is suitable for both hard floors and carpet and picks up coarse and fine dust. Not only do we have a cat but our hard floor seems to collect dust and bits of dirt that I can never get up no matter how much I sweep and vacuum so these attachments will be great for us.

Phillips Performer Active vacuum cleaner

Using the vacuum cleaner is a breeze and instantly, I could see how much better it was than our previous model. I had purposely left our floor for a couple of days just to see how this machine would cope with cat hair, crumbs and god know what else Erin has left behind.

We started off using the TriActive+ nozzle on the carpeted area of our living room. This nozzle has brushes on either side so it gently opens up the carpet to allow more dust to be picked up. I thought this was a really great feature but it didn’t make the vacuum cleaner very smooth to push along. However, I didn’t find this to be much of a problem though as it’s only a small area to clean. If I had the whole room with carpet it might get a little annoying. That being said, this nozzle cleaned our carpet extremely well and I was happy with the final result.

We also tried the TriActive+ nozzle on the hardwood part of our room. I was immediately impressed as I was going over an area that wasn’t particularly dirty but I could hear it picking bits up. You can’t ever really see how clean this floor is in terms of dust but hearing the vacuum cleaner and nozzle work so well was pretty amazing.

Phillips Performer Active vacuum cleaner

Although we have used the hard floor nozzle and the TruboBrush nozzle, we probably won’t use them very often. There is nothing wrong with the nozzles and they work really well but the TriActive+ nozzle is the one for us. This does most areas in our house and does such a good job with the cat hair, dirt and any dust that we might not see.

I don’t know how but underneath the seats on our sofa get pretty gross and I’ll be honest, I hadn’t cleaned under here for a while (you’ll see in the video). We used both the crevice tool which is removable from the extending pole and also the upholstery brush, which is attached to the main hose. Both did a fantastic job of picking up everything that was there. The crevice tool will also be perfect for cleaning our stairs and our super high ceilings in the hallway. This might be known as the cobweb attachment from now on!

Something massively important to me with a vacuum cleaner is the noise it makes. I first used this while Erin was having her nap just to test out the volume of it. I was so surprised that it was as quiet as it was. You can hear this in the video at the end of this post. Erin didn’t wake up once while I was vacuuming so it’s really reassuring to know I can get this job done at any time in the day without having to worry about waking her up.

When you’re finished using the vacuum cleaner the hose/ extending pole can be clipped to the back of the main body. We keep our vacuum cleaner in the cupboard under the stairs and I hate having to fight with the hose every time and this at least helps to keep it all in one place.

Phillips Performer Active vacuum cleaner

If you want to see what this vacuum cleaner is like in use and how to put it together, watch the video below!

This year we are hosting Christmas and having my Mum, sister and her fiance to stay and now I can use this vacuum cleaner and feel confident that I’ve got up as much dirt and dust as possible. Having a clean floor is something I no longer have to worry about on Christmas Day!

Disclaimer: We were sent this item for the purpose of this post. All opinions are our own. 

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