Popular interior design trends for 2021

By spending more and more time at home, we’ve been noticing things that could be changed around our homes. It comes as no surprise that hundreds of homeowners got the renovation bug during the first lockdown – you’re stuck at home, there’s not much to do and whether it is paint chipping or taps dripping, it all looks worse than it is. I didn’t jump on the renovation bandwagon then, but now I’m feeling like giving my home some love and a much-needed update. If you are feeling the same and need some inspiration, I’ve put together some of my favourite interior design trends to make your home stand out.

Black kitchens and black hardware.

Black might be an overwhelming colour to use around the house – you might think that will it completely dominate your interiors but you’d be surprised. Black is actually incredibly versatile, elegant and classy. As Ironmongery Experts comment in this recent blog post, “Classic white kitchens are taking a turn into elegant, mysterious and ever-so-bold black kitchens.” 

I’ve seen black kitchens pop up all around my social media accounts and with the right kitchen hardware, they look incredible. You might choose to paint your kitchen cabinets black and add some brass cabinet furniture for contrast or perhaps simply replacing your current cabinet hardware for black cabinet furniture for an elegant and modern look. 

Modern cottage.

Cottages are cosy, homely and bring us warmth. As this article on Chris Loves Julia mentions, “A cottage gives and needs love. A cottage is a retreat, an escape from the world.” Who wouldn’t want to bring these feelings into their home? Pair traditional cottage elements with the simplicity of modern design to create the best of both worlds.

Bring nature in.

Add natural materials and elements into your home to bring nature inside. This might mean adding wooden elements into your interiors, such as wooden coat racks or wooden door handles, or by simply getting some house plants to bring life and colour to your interiors.

Vintage elements.

This blog post on Chilling with Lucas mentions how “vintage is back.” Vintage, antique and repurposed elements and decorative pieces have always been a part of my home. I find that it gives my home character and the nostalgic feel of these pieces give me joy, and as Marie Kondo says only keep things in your home that are useful or “spark joy.”

Eco chic.

Eco chic is one of my favourite trends because sustainability is really important in my household. Choosing multifunctional furniture that offers longevity and durability is essential, being more conscious when purchasing items is essential. Home and Gardens also believes that eco chic will be a popular trend this year, mentioning “Our need to feel grounded, calm and connected to nature is expressed through understated furniture, textile fabrics, sustainable materials and multifunctional, warm minimalism.”

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