Practical Ways To Save Money This Summer

The summer holidays are now in full swing and after a couple of days of rain, we are due nicer weather again for at least a couple of weeks. Even though Erin goes to nursery throughout the summer there is still the temptation to go for days out, spend money on doing things here and there and generally spending more money than normal. So, here are some practical ways to save money this summer with help from some great bloggers:

Packed lunches – It’s so easy to give in to the temptation of eating out at a restaurant or a fast food place when you’re on a day out with the family. As someone who lives near the coast I know just how easy it is to go for fish and chips during a trip to the beach. In Cromer, fish and chips for myself and John, and something for Erin can easily cost £30 and up and this is before we even do anything else on the day.

I’m a big fan of taking packed lunches out with us and it saves so much money. I especially take something if we go anywhere on the train because it stops us getting breakfast out beforehand or lunch as soon as we get to our destination. It doesn’t have to just be food either. Taking delicious cold drinks can save you a lot of money too.

yumbox lunch

Be prepared – There’s nothing worse than getting caught off guard, especially if plans change. I often go out with Erin and then decide to do something completely different than planned. This could mean being out for hours longer than you had planned which means your needs also change.

Pack drinks and snacks whenever you leave home even if you’re just popping out! Katykicker

Free local attractions – No matter where you live there will always be a whole array of free attractions and events that you can attend. It’s a good idea to check these at the start of the summer holidays and make a plan for what you can do each week.

Look up local free events and if your taking money, leave your card at home and take cash. The Mum Diaries

Work you way through the free places near you on Tripadvisor. We do this regularly for different surrounding areas and it’s a great way to discover hidden gems. Rock and Roll Pussycat

Make use of the local libraries and children’s centers for lots of free and low cost sessions including reading challenges, nature hunts, singing and arts & crafts! Happy Family Hub

Stay home – You don’t have to go out to have loads of fun this summer. We are lucky to have a large garden and a fantastic playhouse, along with loads of other outdoor toys. Erin and I spend so much time outdoors when the weather is nice and when you do this instead of going out, you can also save money by making lunch at home and having a picnic! There are so many amazing things you can do at home so here are some ideas.

Utilise friends. Swap play dates at each other’s houses meaning you aren’t always hosting but you keep your kids in touch with their friends, while you get to have a natter and let off some steam with your mates. There’s a group of 5 of us, so that’s 4 free dates for my kids to look forward to. Twinderelmo

Redwood Lodge Playhouse

Money off – It pays to always check whether there are money off vouchers or deals available!

Get a KidsPass (£1 for 40 day trial at the moment) and save on loads of attractions/days out, kids eat free deals and even some holidays. The Money Whisperer 

The next time you are at the supermarket or local shop pick up any local attraction leaflets you see – they often have entry vouchers in them such as 2 for the price of 1, or kids go free. Pushing The Moon

Do you have any tips for saving money over the summer? Let me know in the comments! 

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