Preparing For A Party With PoundToy

Preparing For A Party With PoundToy

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With Erin’s birthday being just a week after Christmas there is a lot going on in a really short space of time. I always try to get things organised early but honestly, party planning really isn’t my thing. Erin hasn’t had a birthday party since her first and I don’t really know what I’m doing. Having booked the venue a while ago, the next biggest thing to think about was party games and prizes for the games.

A website I had heard really great things about was PoundToy, known for it’s great prices, oodles of options and fantastic sales. After being on the website for only a few minutes I could tell that I would be able to find everything I needed for Erin’s party.

Erin’s birthday party will be at our local sports centre and it has a classic party theme. This means games like pass the parcel, musical statues etc. It’s been a long time since I was at a children’s party like this but from what I remember prizes are a must for the winners! I wanted to make sure that the prizes for the games were a decent size but I also didn’t want to spend a fortune. Things like this can easily let party costs get out of control.

Something I wanted for the prizes was for them to be things for the children to do. PoundToy has a great craft section and the products are mostly all at pocket money kinds of prices. The Paper Roll Pals sets were £1.50 each, the Rocket Straws craft kit was £2 and each of the foam sets were £1.50. For only a total of £8 I got 5 really great prizes!

Craft products from PoundToy

Craft products from PoundToy

When ordering I wasn’t really sure how many games we would be playing. I wanted to make sure that I ordered enough prizes to be safe so as well as the craft sets I ordered some colouring books. The Crayola Color and Sticker books were only £1 each (other variations were available) and carry along Minion sets were 99p each!

Colouring products from PoundToy

Colouring products from PoundToy

Choosing items for the party bags was probably the trickiest task. At the minute I still don’t know exactly how many children will be attending and I’m sure on the day someone will either turn up (or not) that I wasn’t expecting. At the time, I think we had invited 14 children so I went safe and ordered 15 of everything I wanted to include.

Party bag products from PoundToy

I wanted cheap and cheerful items for the party bags and I wanted to make sure they were things that the children would like. For this, I decided to go with anything I knew that Erin would like herself. I managed to get Dino Gliders, mini slinkies, temporary tattoos and stickers. Each of these were 40p each and I got a total of 60 items. I especially love that the temporary tattoos come in packs of 12 so I could have even gotten away with 1 pack instead of 15.

While I was browsing I had a quick look at the sale page. PoundToy often has great sales and some things go as low as 1p each. I picked up 5 packs of slime for 1p each but I was limited to how many I could order.

Slime from PoundToy

A birthday party wouldn’t be complete without a birthday card. Erin is obsessed with Toy Story and more specifically, Buzz Lightyear so I was really happy to find this birthday card for her. It was only £1 and I know that Erin is going to be really excited to see Buzz on it when she opens it.

Birthday card from PoundToy

So this next item isn’t really for a birthday party but instead, maybe just for a birthday. I know that we have got Erin presents that need batteries and I have honestly lost track of how many we need. These Sony batteries, both AA and AAA come in packs of 4 and cost either 99p or £1 each. I bought 4 packs of each and hopefully that might be enough! You might not be looking for a birthday party but these would definitely come in handy for Christmas.

Batteries from PoundToy

Last, but not least is this My Little Pony poncho towel. This really has nothing to do with birthdays or birthday parties but as soon as I saw it I knew that Erin would like it. She hates being cold after swimming and this would be a great thing to use on holidays while having breaks from the pool. The towel poncho cost £4 which I thought was really good value!

My Little Pony poncho from PoundToy

I honestly can’t believe just how much I got at PoundToy for just under £50. I managed to sort out party bags for a really good number of children, got more prizes than I think I actually need and got a few extra products that I wasn’t expecting to get. I think I was close to around 100 products in total which is just amazing!


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Preparing For A Party With PoundToy

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  1. I’ve seen this advertised on Facebook but was never sure about it, so I’m really glad you’ve had a really positive experience.

    I think I’ll check them out. They are perfect for parties or stocking fillers x

  2. We also love PoundToy – the prices are so affordable and the range of toys and accessories is seriously impressive 🙂

  3. This looks fab, I am off to have a look because they might have some things that might work for my work and groups I run!

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