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Dining Table Drama

Earlier this year I thought we had really turned a corner. Erin started slowly trying new foods again, finding a new favourite in chow mein noodles and generally eating well. I have no idea what happened but over the past couple of weeks things really haven’t been going so well.

Just a few weeks ago I remember us sitting at the dinner table, having our usual meal on a Sunday, and things just weren’t right. One of the reasons why I cook the same thing on a Sunday each week is because it’s something I know that Erin will usually eat. Sausages and vegetables is one of her favourite meals and I can almost always guarantee that Erin will ask for more sausage. Recently we have been working on her eating a couple of things together to help her try new things, such as eating peas with mashed potato and it’s been working well.

On this particular dinner Erin really didn’t want to eat much. Sometimes she’s like that if she’s tired but I knew this wasn’t the case. Instead of eating what I asked her to, or trying some of everything, she tried to distract both me and John with hugs. She’d maybe have one bite of something then come over and ask for a hug, staying there for ages. Now, at the time I thought this was a one off but this has now been happening at every meal time since then.

Erin eating with John

I try to give Erin realistic meals so that she doesn’t feel overwhelmed or scared by it. I see other children her age eating massive plates full of food but this just isn’t how Erin eats. She has always preferred to have a few different options in smaller portions so maybe sausages, 3 or 4 bits or carrot and the same of broccoli  and then some peas and some mashed potato. The meals she eats aren’t huge but it does mean that she will generally eat most of it, if not all.

With Erin starting school next September we have really been trying to encourage her to try new foods. She’s a very picky eater and I want her to be a bit more open, especially when it comes to having hot lunches at school with her friends. I am a terrible eater and this isn’t something I want for Erin. I know the meals I cook at home haven’t helped her though as she doesn’t have the biggest variety.

Erin trying ravioli

Last week I took Erin to the supermarket and she expressed and interest in trying a toddler meal which was spaghetti and meatballs. Although Erin doesn’t really like much meat I thought at least she would like the spaghetti. At £2 a meal, these are not cheap but she said she wanted to try it so I got it. After preparing the food Erin licked, yes licked, 1 piece of spaghetti and said she didn’t like it. I felt horrible but I did make her sit for a while and try more. This time, she ate maybe 10 singular pieces of the spaghetti and we agreed to have a 10 minute break and go back to it. The next time she did eat more, maybe 5 fork fulls instead of singular pieces. In the end, I think she ate maybe 1/3 of the meal and I was happy with that.

It’s so frustrating when children go backwards with things like this. I think it’s time to make more of an effort to cook a wider variety of meals for Erin, even if it’s something I don’t eat myself. I know it’s probably just a phase but it really makes me want to tear my hair out.


Dining Table Drama

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  1. My 6 year old was a terrible eater, she ate only a handful of foods, but she had low iron which caused her to be fussy. Since she started school she is a much better eater – I think she sees her friends eating so now she tries more things, although sandwiches are still what she gets most days. She is eating so much better at home now too and some days she clears her plate. x

  2. It is so frustrating. My teen used to be such a fussy eater until she started school and had school lunches. Their rule was that if you didn’t finish most of your food you didn’t go and play. My girl would eat all sorts just to go and play. She still refused to eat much at home but I knew at least 5 days a week for one meal she was eating plenty.
    Good luck & I hope it is just a phase x

  3. i know that this will pass , we also went though our fair share of table dramas while my daughter was young kind regards Pati robins

  4. Ah my middle child has started taking ages to eat on some meals! This is driving us mad, as she usually wolfs it down. I think the trick is not to make a big deal but so hard! Hope a phase for you x

  5. Luckily both my boys have always been fairly good eaters, but my youngest just will not sit still at the table. He’s constantly up and down and out of his seat. I know he doesn’t get way with that at school (he’s just started in P1) so it’s really frustrating he does it at home.

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