How to prepare for a trip to Egypt with kids

How to prepare for a trip to Egypt with kids

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Egypt is a popular travel destination on its own. With children learning about Ancient Egypt at school, it can be somewhere of interest for travel during this time. If you’re considering doing such a trip, here are some ways to prepare for a trip to Egypt with kids.

Don’t forget the visas

Everyone from the UK travelling to Egypt will require a visa… and this includes children! This is an important one to remember as there could be a lot of disruption to your travel plans if you don’t have this sorted.

You can apply for visas online before your visit, either by doing it yourself or by having a company do it for you. Another option is to do it when you arrive, which needs to be paid for in cash. There can be long queues if this is the option you choose.

Follow local customs for clothing

Although children can generally wear what they like when holidaying in Egypt, it’s still important to follow the local customs. This could mean thinking a bit more carefully when it comes to packing, especially if you are travelling with teenage girls. Those over 12 should be thought of as an ‘adult’ woman in terms of dress, and you might want to consider not packing things like short skirts or dresses.

Book private excursions

Travelling can be quite stressful, no matter where you go, but there are ways you can travel stress-free with kids. You will want to make the most of your time in Egypt and you’ll waste a lot just planning how to get to different places. By booking excursions with a company like Landious Travel you’ll be able to do more, see more, and enjoy your holiday as much as possible. There are so many options, including individual excursions to Hurghada.

Tourists riding camel  on the beach of Egypt.

Get children excited

There are so many ways that you can get children excited about a trip to Egypt. If they have been learning about Ancient Egypt at school, then there are lots of things to talk to them about. Borrow some books from the library and learn a bit more about the pyramids and mummies beforehand. Another great way to get excited about a trip to Egypt is by watching films! Think The Prince of Egypt or The Mummy (for older children)

Toilet roll is a must pack item

I know how silly this one might sound but it’s an important point to make, especially if you’re travelling with children. Toilets in Egypt aren’t quite the same as they are here in the UK and you won’t find toilet roll in many of them. In historical locations or tourist attractions, you can expect for there to be no toilet roll at all or there’s a possibility someone will try and sell you some. Save your money and take it with you at all times!

Don’t pick anything up!

Egypt is well-known for being somewhere with pushy sellers and hagglers. It’s important to teach children that they shouldn’t pick things up in shops or at markets, as this will lead people to start haggling with you to buy the item. This is the same for anyone trying to sell something, even if that’s directions, at a tourist attraction. Be firm, say no thank you and walk away… and teach children to do the same.

Most important of all, have fun!

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