Getting back to work after becoming a parent

Returning to work after becoming a parent

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Before we become parents something we might not consider is that our current career just won’t work for us any more. It’s so hard to prepare for the reality of a first child and what that will mean for you, your family and your finances. If you find yourself needing a change when you decide to go back to when then consider these career options.

Working in a school

Something you will soon realise is that you are going to have to think about your child going into childcare or starting school one day. If you’re currently in a 9-5, or maybe working shifts, it can be hard to figure out how to get your child to and from school. If you have a partner it could be quite a lot of work to figure everything out between you both.

Getting into teaching and childcare could mean that you are able to work within your child’s educational hours. Of course, there are more options than teaching though, including jobs for teaching assistants, caterers or maybe a receptionist.

Get back into learning

There’s no reason that you have to go back to the same job you were in before having a child. In fact, you could have a complete career change and this could be helped by learning something new. Local colleges have plenty of options for mature students as well as the Open University having so many courses to enrol on.

If you are able to go back into study, you can choose a career in absolutely anything you want. Maybe you fancy looking at forensic science, getting into nursing or even training as an accountant. Think about something you enjoy doing and see if you can turn it into a new career.

Part time working

Becoming a parent is a big change and there is a lot to get used to during this time. Not only that but you might not want to be away from your baby so much after your parental leave ends. Although it won’t work for everyone, due to financial issues, part-time employment might be something to consider. This might be staying in your current role but with a change of hours or looking something else part time that works for your family.

Remote working or working from home

When we first went into lockdown back in March 2020 it made a lot more people have to work from home. Over the years we have now gotten used to this and a lot of employers have kept this going, even if on a part time level.

Some jobs are now advertising working from home or remote working as a possibility for new positions. This allows a lot more flexibility around your home life and any childcare needs you might have. With this, I think a lot more people will be able to go back to work instead of feeling like they will be forced to work certain hours in an office.

Whatever you decide to do, good luck in returning to work!

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