5 Things to Live in Mykonos That Unleash Mykonos’ Full Fun Potential! Park Risks Every Parent Should Be Aware Of

5 things to love in Mykonos that unleash Mykonos’ full fun potential!

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Mykonos may have become synonymous with partying till the early morning hours, but the so-called Ibiza of Greece is so much more than just a popular hub with a hugely cosmopolitan and animated nightlife. Its charming whitewashed architecture, scenic blue-domed chapels overlooking the Aegean sea, picturesque villages with the chalky, sugar-cube-shaped houses, imposing windmills, and colourful, cobbled alleys await to infuse the irresistible Mykonos appeal to your nightly and morning adventures. Now, if you wish to have the full Greek island experience, some landmarks, ventures, and locations are definitely not to be missed.

Here is a small list with what deserves a place in every Mykonos holiday planning list. 

1. Visiting the sugary beaches

The alluring Mykonos coastline is adorned with more than 40 sandy shores, idyllic coves, secluded beaches, and picturesque bays. You only need to choose the type of beach-side experience you wish to live and head to the relevant shore. For example, Super Paradise, Paraga, and Paradise beaches dazzle with their cosmopolitan vibes and lively atmosphere while options like Agia Anna offer more laid-back and tranquil moments. Also, some beaches are perfect for families, while other are more gay-friendly and water sports-ideal. You make your pick!

2. Taking a sailing tour to Delos island 

Besides a gorgeous Cycladic island, Delos is also an impressive UNESCO World Heritage site just 2 nautical miles from Mykonos featuring significant ancient monuments, from temples of Apollo to the infamous Lion’s Gate and the Sacred Lake. In fact, Delos is every archaeologist and history lover’s paradise as it’s full of archaeological findings from end to end. Plus, it hosts an amazing array of fine sand beaches with fantastic crystalline waters to dive in and enjoy the sun or the captivating aquatic world.

3. Stroll through Little Venice

The scenery changes in this small and quaint Mykonos neighbourhood as the adorable whitewashed architecture that distinguishes the island gives its place to a romantic Venetian style, which makes the colourful Little Venice houses with the delightful wooden balconies that overlook the magnificence of the Aegean Sea absolutely spellbinding. Once the houses of wealthy Mykoneans, they are now run as cafes, restaurants, and bars with a chilled atmosphere and heart-stopping views of the glistering archipelago. 

Mykonos street and building

4. Take in superb views from the Windmills & the Lighthouse

Two of the most iconic landmarks in Mykonos are the windmills along with the Armenistis Lighthouse. They both occupy pristine hilltop locations and provide unimaginable vistas and seascapes. They are the places you want to visit for the peacefulness exuded from every inch of land there, the wonderful and unique construction, as well as the endless stories they share to anyone whose heart is open to their exciting narrative. In the case of the windmills, some even operate as museums )open to the public), showing how the islanders used to grind wheat to make flour, using wind power, back in the day. 

5. Wander through the streets of the Chora 

The island’s capital is called either the Chora or Mykonos Town and is made up of milky-white, sugar cube-shaped houses with colourful balconies and doors, picturesque chalky chapels, narrow paved streets, bougainvillaeas, and an upmarket shopping scene. In the morning, the place follows rather calm rhythms and offers relaxed ventures. In the evening, everything changes dramatically, as the Chora slips into its more vibrant hues, opening its doors to the legendary Mykonos nightlife and its famed parties (beach parties, cabaret shows, drag queen performances, and anything else you can imagine). 

Note: If you happen to rub shoulders with Peter the Pelican, expect a very warm welcome on his side!

Final Thoughts

Of course, this is a very small, illustrative list of the adventures that present themselves to you the moment you step foot on the Queen of the Cyclades. What is perhaps the most important factor to ensure a fantastic holiday in Mykonos, though, is to book the right elegant Mykonos villa per your requirements and enjoy the abundance of amenities and concierge services on offer. Whether a hilltop mansion, beachfront property, combo unit to accommodate your larger group of friends, or exclusive holiday lodge in the heart of all the action, you’ll be beyond amazed by what’s waiting ahead. 

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