Should I encourage my child to learn an instrument

Should I encourage my child to learn an instrument?

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Learning an instrument can be a big decision for children, but it can also be a new lease of life for kids. There are many benefits to learning an instrument, but you should also be considering if now is the right time for your child. There may be a lot going on in their lives, exams, stress or a lot on their plate already. Picking up an instrument requires a lot of time and patience.

To help you decide whether your child should consider learning an instrument, here are some questions you can ask yourself that this independent school in Enfield advises.

Does your child like the many styles of music?

Picking out the instrument of choice is probably the first crucial step. Does your child have an idea of what instrument they want to pick out, or are they in need of more direction? Take a look at what music interests them first and see if they have a particular genre they pay a lot of attention to. If your child really likes rock music for example then why not try getting them into playing the guitar or the drums.

Are they good at a range of subjects?

They say that those that are good at maths are great candidates for picking up an instrument and learning from the get go. This doesn’t mean that your maths-loathing child can’t learn an instrument – the willingness to learn and absorb information is key! Music often involves moments in history, culture and writing as well, so as long as your child has a good grasp of other subjects, they should be able to handle instrument lessons with ease.

Does your child have the time to spare?

Your child may already have a number of activities they get up to in their spare time, which will ultimately determine whether they have the time to pick up anything else. Unless your child is really keen on picking up an instrument, you may have to talk to them about their aims and what they think will become true passions and hobbies.

Does your child feel creative?

Most kids have creativity in themselves, so encouraging your child to try something different won’t be too hard of a task. Creativity comes in many different ways and it’s important to nurture your child’s creativity as they grow older. Picking up a musical instrument can help with this, as it gives them an avenue to think freely and without too much in the way of judgement.

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