Space-Saving Solutions for Every Room

AD | Collaborative post Do you ever feel like your belongings are multiplying faster than rabbits? It’s funny how possessions can creep up on us, and January is often a month when a lack of storage at home rears its bothersome head, what with Christmas presents to find homes for.  Whatever your reason, if you’re looking to head into a New Year with a blitz on clutter, here are some practical, effective storage ideas for every room in the house.

Storage Solutions For A Home Office

AD | Gifted Item John and I are lucky in that we have a decent sized house and quite a bit of space. We have a really big open plan living room/ dining room which is L shaped, meaning I am able to have a home office in that area. My home office is absolutely perfect for what I need for blogging. However, what a lot of people don’t really know is that I spend a lot of time selling items online. If you are someone who does this on a larger scale, you might