The Benefits of Fostering During Your Retirement Years

Collaborative post When the time comes to retire from the world of work, you may feel a mixture of emotions. Some people are at peace with the decision and ready to relax into their golden years. Others search for a new experience to keep them feeling fresh and focused. Foster carers can come to the role at any age over 21, and it is common for retirees to step up and take on the mantle. Here’s why it is the perfect adventure.  You Have a Wealth of Experience Wherever life has taken you up to

Keeping Foster Children Entertained Over a Long Summer

Collaborative post The summer can be very long, especially if the children in your care are school-age and have an extended period at home. Six weeks without routine can seem daunting, and you might worry about your children getting bored halfway through. Here are some things that you can do to keep everyone entertained.