What costs to expect when your child starts school

AD | Collaborative post School for the most part shouldn’t be costing lots of a parents’ pocket, but there are some key things that parents need to be considering when your child starts school. From uniforms and the bags children need to get to school, to stationery, shoes, books, and more, there are a lot of costs to factor in as soon as your child enters school on a regular basis.

The Countdown To Starting School

In 10 short days applications open for children starting school in 2020 and that means that we have to apply for Erin. It feels like only yesterday that Erin was a (very) tiny baby and being so small that I thought I would break her. I can’t quite believe that this is her last year at nursery and next August we’ll be getting her school uniform ready for her very first day of school. As a lot of children have just started school this month I have seen a lot of posts, both on blogs