Preparing For Packed Lunches

Disclaimer: We received a discount on these items but all opinions are our own. About a month ago we got the terrible news that Erin’s nursery, and the school it was attached to, would be closing down and today is that day. Currently, Erin has a hot lunch for each of the 3 days she’s at nursery with pudding and fruit being available each day as well. with Erin being quite a fussy eater at home having lunches sorted 3 days a week was a real relief and I was so happy knowing that she was eating something different. Erin

Lunchbox Ideas For Pre-Schoolers

Erin goes to nursery at a private school and usually she has a hot school lunch with the rest of the students. However, when the main school breaks up at the beginning of July the hot lunches stop and this means we have about 9 weeks of making packed lunches instead. I find it really hard to think about different things to include every day, especially as we have a Yumbox which has 6 different sections to fill every day. I’m sure there are loads of parents out there like me, who need a bit of inspiration so I thought