The Blogger’s Daughter

As a blogger, I have my camera out a lot. In fact, I have it to hand most of the time and I never leave the house without either having my Canon PowerShot G7X Mark II or my phone. Erin has grown up around a camera and I guess she’s just grown up getting used to pictures being taken of her. That’s really no different to any normal family wanting to document their child growing up. The difference is Erin’s photos are all over the internet.

The Blogger's Daughter

Erin is just coming up to being 2 and she’s just starting to realise what a camera is for. She points to my camera and says ‘Cheeeeese!’ She doesn’t always look at the camera when she says it and I have it in my hands but she knows what it is for. At the moment, she seems to really love smiling and having her picture taken. We take selfies together and I let her use the camera herself (with me holding it of course) and she really enjoys taking her own pictures and looking back at them.

The Blogger's Daughter

I know that this might not last. Erin may get to a certain age and decide that she doesn’t like her picture being taken or having my use it for the blog. She might turn around one day and ask me not to do this anymore. If that day comes, I will respect her choice. I have seen numerous bloggers who don’t use their children’s faces in their pictures. It’s not like it isn’t doable.

Right now, Erin is very much a blogger’s daughter and I hope she enjoys being a part of what I do as a job or a long time to come. That’s not just for my benefit but for hers too. I hate being in front of the camera and I hate having my photo taken. I would love for Erin to be comfortable having her photo taken and I think this is a great way of doing this.

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