Things to Consider About Pet Hair Vacuums

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Pets are cute and they are fun to be with; they keep you company, just like a true friend. These furry friends do not complain much, and are everywhere, even inside the house they go to every nook and corner of your home. When they do that, they leave a mess of fur everywhere. Luckily, vacuum cleaners are now available to help clean up after your pet, especially in the fur all around the house. 

Vacuum cleaners can help, but do not rush into buying one without considering a few things. When you have considered these things, you can now go out and pick your brand according to your budget, and the kind of pets you have at home. 

Layout and flooring of your home

The kind of flooring and layout your house has will matter in the decision of which type off vacuum you will buy. 

Tiles or hardwood floors – choose a model that is designed to clean wood or tile floors. Some vacuum cleaners are not compatible with cleaning both types of floors so it would not make sense if you get two kinds of vacuums. The key is that if the vacuums are not compatible with the floors it has to clean, the suction will matter. If that happens, only a little fur will be taken off. Hence, it will not be efficient.

Carpets and rugs – fur when they drop on the carpet or rugs, they get tangled in the fury carpets. To take these off the carpets and rugs, your vacuum need to have a very strong suction, otherwise it cannot pull out the furs that are stuck in the carpets. It is, therefore, it is important to check out the brand names; a famous brand would often offer good quality tools.

Stairs – if you have stairs in your house; pay very close attention to the weight of your cleaner. Having to carry it between floors will become a challenge when you are able to choose the heavyweights. It might even pose a risk of you falling down the stairs. 

Also, your vacuum cleaner comes with attachments; these attachments can help in cleaning stairways. Extension hoses which are among the attachments will be very useful in going up and down the stairs so there is no need to carry the whole unit with you as you go up and down. 


If your pets can be kept away from your furniture, that would be great. But we all know that dogs and cats love to cuddle with us and they love to play all around. This means fur is left everywhere, all around the house. This adds to your chores. The vacuum cleaner can help in cleaning off fur from your furniture; just make sure the right attachment is used. 

What type of pets do you have?

Some dogs and cats shed more fur than the other; some have longer hair, too. With this, you need to understand the kind of pet breed you have at home so you will know the extent of assistance you need in cleaning. Needless to say, your vacuum cleaner should depend on the kind of pet you have. Sites like  shares information on breeds that shed fur most.

Dog with vacuum

Check your budget

A cheap vacuum cleaner may be more favoured than the pricey ones, but sometimes that could be a mistake. Of course, the unit will work out just fine, but until when is it efficient? Durability and efficiency most often comes with a price, hence, it is also a good idea to check out, not just the prices, but the quality of the unit and performance. This information you will find in customer and user reviews. If you happen to buy a cheap unit but with a short-lived efficiency and durability, you will find yourself buying a new one which will eventually turn out to be a more expensive because you have now bought two units in just a short time. 

Which unit is best?

Choosing the right unit to help keep your house clean could be trick. There are many kinds of cleaners to choose from.

Upright models – these are easy to use because you do not have to bend over to use them. These can handle carpets, wood, and tiles. Attachments are also available to make cleaning more convenient.

Canisters – these are handy with hard surfaces. This is one of the best choices in cleaning up pet fur and hair.

Robots – do the cleaning for you, at least to some degree, but they are not efficient in cleaning pet hair. 

Handheld units – they do not have strong suctions but can be great in cleaning small spots, such as the corners. They are easy to use because they do not have to be plugged in for them to function. They also come in affordable prices.

Choose your pet hair vacuum cleaner wisely. Avoid letting the hassle of cleaning up after your pets get in between you and them. You do not have to feel the stress of their mess when you can easily and conveniently handle it with your chosen vacuum cleaners. Also, your pets can continue playing around the house and you not minding the fur and hair they scatter everywhere, because you always know that you have the best cleaning tool to take care of it.


Things to Consider About Pet Hair Vacuums

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